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  1. Hey Ruanly, One of the fixes we had in today's patch might fix this issue you are running into. Fixed an issue with inspecting items on the ground while playing splitscreen for PS4 and Xbox. After you update to the patch, if you still run into this issue let us know, so we can continue to investigate further into the issue.
  2. I'm gonna put a stop to this now before you guys reach 100... nextNumber = 1;
  3. Hey [[181886,users]], This is a known issue that will be fixed in our next patch. As long as you don't replace the empty slot with another mod, it should fix itself after the patch.
  4. Hey CheetahPig, this is a known issue, we were able to identify the issue and have a fix for this coming in our next patch. Good news is as long as you don't replace that empty mod with a new one and it still shows the mod indicator, it should fix itself with the correct information after the patch.
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