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  1. As for that example, I'm not entirely sure what happened there. I'll have to dig around and see if I can find the issue, I'm guessing of the top of my head that it's taking the locked status of another entry if you scroll or something.
  2. This is something we want to do in the future and was part of the original design but didn't make it in due to time concerns, but at some point I want to go back in and add it in.
  3. This is a known issue with our current state of localization support. We are working on trying to provide an accurate language support in the near future, this will also include the handful of bugs where stat numbers don't show properly.
  4. It appears there was some kind of outage earlier with Steam or with Playfab (The Cloudsave / Matchmaking Service we use). If you restart your steam and relaunch the game it should be fine now.
  5. Are you sure your inventory isn't full? 525 items 15 pages is the max you can have
  6. We are still actively trying to optimize performance, as we know late survival waves can be quite taxing. Turning down graphics (Shadows, Post Proccesing), Turning off Damage numbers, Disabling Ragdolls should help some.
  7. You can replay the tutorial by playing Campaign Deeper Well on Easy. Also we are aware that some achievements are not triggering properly at the moment.
  8. Interesting, I'll have to do some digging to see what might be causing this bug...
  9. If you are in the Dungeon Defenders Discord, send me a message with a link to your steam profile and I will see what I can do.
  10. If you are in the Dungeon Defenders Discord, send me a message with a link to your steam profile and I will see what I can do.
  11. As others have mentioned we do have a current anti-hack system which will flag hackers for a bunch of reasons, but no game is gonna be perfect when it comes to preventing hackers, especially a game like ours that isn't 100% online only with dedicated servers. That said, the best thing you can do when you come across a hacker is to report them to Ice or I in the discord so that we can investigate their profile.
  12. We have Anti-cheat systems in place already, While I can't go into the details of what they do, it has already started picking up people with hacked values and flagging them accordingly.
  13. Hardcore mode shouldn't be relevant in this situation. The only requirement for joining a public game is that you are able to host that yourself, Ex: Being able to create a Campaign Summit On Nightmare or Survival Ancient Mines at wave 1, when the public game is past wave 1 you are required to have beaten the wave they are on. So if they are on build phase of wave 15 you need to have completed Wave 15 Combat phase in order to join that public game. Essentially comes down to this. Can you host a game of that Gamemode, Map, Difficulty and Starting Wave (Surivival, Mix Mode, Pure Strat), if so then you can join the public game otherwise it disables selection, as you don't have the requirements. If this is not the case send me a picture of the public game entry and then showing me a screenshot of your Gamemode Difficulty and Map completion, and starting wave # (On the Create Session Screen)
  14. DDA is a Peer 2 Peer game, meaning the host is the one driving the server for all players to connect to. If the host has bad internet or slow hardware this can cause issues for the players connecting to them. If the host is in another country, the latency between the host and players might cause issues. We are still actively working on performance both Performance and Networking side of things to make it easier to host and play the game with less issues. All of these factor into how well the experience is for each player, but we do not run any official dedicated servers for this game.
  15. All items both on heroes and inventory will be transferred and balanced accordingly.
  16. Items are not being rerolled, The stats on items won't change, the only thing that is being balanced is the upgrade levels on the item. Your best items will likely still be your best items but they will just have a lower power ceiling than before, also any items obtained after launch will be exactly the same after the transfer, the only change would be their upgrade levels will be reset to default and the gold will refunded.
  17. The transfer tool will replace the profile on Play. You should have received a pet in both Play and Legacy with the same code. So you will still have the pet / skins when you transfer. Achievements are tied to steam and so they will transfer over.
  18. One of the main reasons we made legacy mode is for Mod Support, which I imagine we will bring the mode back once that is ready, but in the meantime since we have the transfer tool we don't really have a reason to separate the two groups at this time.
  19. Splitscreen is on our priority list as we are working towards getting ready to release on the Switch as its one of the key features we want to have for that platform, but once it's ready we will be able to add it to all platforms, I don't have an ETA at this time for when that will be yet though. Controller support is also very high on our list, as its a critical part of releasing on other consoles, so you should expect to see some updates along the way as we work towards those releases Are you referring to the item count of 525 (15 Pages)? This number came from a technical limit that we wanted to stay under. We have some idea's being tossed around on how we could address this issue in the future, so it is being looked into. Anyone that purchased the game before 1.0 launch will receive the Shadow Costumes as mentioned in the Open Letter from Augi post. I believe Events are something we want to look into, and I think it would be cool to have themed events like Halloween, Winter, Etc and have some special rewards to get. Not sure if this will actually happen or not, just my thoughts haha. If I didn't answer one your questions, I personally don't have enough info to give a good answer at this time, but that doesn't mean they aren't happening or being ignored, I'd just rather say nothing than say something incorrect :P
  20. As for your other questions I don't have answers for those at this time unfortunately, but for this question we are already looking into displaying the stats in a more readable fashion.
  21. Hey so this is something that we are aware of and will be addressing in the future. Assuming you are on a 4:3 / 16:10 monitor, for now switching resolution to a 16:9 resolution like 1920x1080 should temporarily fix the issue till we can address it.
  22. This kind of info about unlocking stuff will be added when we push updates to the Map select flow.
  23. We founds some issues with steam joining on private games that should be addressed in the next patch.
  24. Hey Ruanly, One of the fixes we had in today's patch might fix this issue you are running into. Fixed an issue with inspecting items on the ground while playing splitscreen for PS4 and Xbox. After you update to the patch, if you still run into this issue let us know, so we can continue to investigate further into the issue.
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