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  1. The reason for limiting the Fusion towers to the hero deck is because of a couple things. The first being, from our testing we only expect players to need to use 2 or 3 towers to overcome the difficulty of Rifted Maps as the 2x Fusion Damage, Bonus Armor and no elemental counter makes a huge difference. The second thing is that in the update notes, we hinted at that players may be able to have more than 4 fusion towers at once in the future. The reason multiplayer is allowed to have more is to avoid multiple different issues, Such as the management and communication of who's using the fusion towers slots, it also adds value to playing multiplayer by not making people feel useless if the host already has 4 fusion towers and encourages more people to build in a map. The next reason we didn't allow you to use any hero is because we didn't want people to feel forced into creating 25 different heroes, We wanted which fusion towers you use in the map to be a decision rather than just bringing everything because there is no limit. Lastly, Rifted Maps / Fusion Sets is something we plan to evolve overtime and add onto, This update brought the initial foundation for the system, and this allows us to look at building more interesting things in the future, Potentially different kinds of Armor Sets that allow you tailor more to your play style or build.
  2. The only new rifted enemy that can't be targeted by towers is Rifted Warriors, which they can still be damaged by projectiles should they get hit by them (Ex: Fireball's, Harpoons, Etc). Once you have a Fusion Tower, though they will be targeted and killed. If you don't have a fusion set, I highly suggest getting a Fusion Weapon as the 2x damage against rifted enemies will allow you easily kill any warriors.
  3. Appreciate you bringing this up, this is not an intentional design. We are looking into this issue and hopefully can get that resolved in a future hotfix / patch :)
  4. Thanks for the post! Yea I am noticing some weird issues between autolooting Fussion Gear and Non-Fussion gear together at the same time, I'll be taking a look at this today and hopefully should get something in a future hotfix :)
  5. We did add a handful of fixes for joining friends through steam. If you guys were running into issues yesterday its possible you were attempting to play durring one of the steam outages as they were having a few issues yesterday. If that was the case then you would have issues attempting to join games through steam. We are investigating this issue to see if we are able to reproduce and locate the issue on our end. Was it reseting the whole transmog or just the costume? I do agree this would be a good addition to the game, and hopefully we are able to add it in the future, but it would require some additional functionality first. You can hover over and item and hold S and left click it to sell it, assuming its not locked. You can also hover over an item and hit L to lock/unlock it as such too. Yes we did remove that button as it was linking to a inactive tracking system that we aren't currently using. We do have bug reporting / feedback channels on the discord if you wish to report / leave feedback on things. Can you elaborate more on this? Are you talking about the Siren specifically or the Corruption she applies to enemies? We did change the way sirens work so that she no longer corrupts enemies until she gets to the end of her path and casts her corruption aura before she flees. So if you are killing sirens before that point then you likely aren't seeing any corrupted enemies.
  6. For questions and issues with your order you can send an email to Support@Chromatic.Games and they will be able to pull up your order and assist you.
  7. While not exactly the same thing as what you are likely imagining, WIth 1.2 we are taking the 1st step in that direction by adding new Armor sets that will give bonuses and help with various things, especially in the new Rift Mode
  8. Yes, you were flagged as a hacker for having multiple heroes with 100k+ Hero stat points assigned, which can only be achieved through hacking, Unless you know of a way of another way, in which case I'd love to know about and we can talk about unflagging you. That said, the overwhelming majority of players being flagged have been investigated and proved to be cheating and I have personally looked into many cases and will continue to do so to anyone that thinks they were falsely flagged.
  9. The Etherian Cavalry Weekend Playtest TBA Applications - Now Open! We are running a special playtest with the Etherian Cavalry, our private group that helps us playtest upcoming content. This weekend starting on this evening, we are focusing on testing the following: - New Game mode! Rift Mode! To apply to the group, send an email to this address; Cavalry@Chromatic.Games Requirements for testers: Own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC. Are 18 years of age or older. Able to use Discord. Reside outside of Russia Are able to sign an NDA. Recruitment is open now and closes Sunday November 1st 12am EST. Any applicants made after the deadline will be put on the Reserve list and contacted for future tests. If you emailed last week, you should get a response before the test starts. If you email previously but have yet to hear back, fire off a reminder email and we'll get you sorted. The playtest will start Friday evening and last until Monday morning.
  10. @SantanzChild Oh man, that's really unfortunate, Would you mind sending me your order information in a private message on either the forums or Discord, so we can look into getting this fixed.
  11. This is not true, There is no release date for Switch yet. At this time we are making progress towards getting the game submitted to Nintendo for certification, once we have done that we will let the community know that we've begun that process.
  12. XP above 100 is currently capped.
  13. Just wanted to clarify the XP is multiplied to each hero, so it won't take longer to level 4 heroes at once, than 1 at a time. Though I understand if you still enjoy the aspect of leveling them one by one, Just wanted to make sure you understood that part.
  14. The issue happens when ever you use a overclock beam on the DST at this time, We have a fix coming for the DPS calculation to correctly display when buffed. As far as any claims about the tower being nerfed, There was absolutely no change in actual DPS for the tower, It attacks at the same rate as before, and does the same damage too. The DPS on the tooltip will be lower and the attack rate will be slower to account for the windup time of the attack animation as stated in the patchnotes but this change will result in more accurate DPS calculations once the buffing issue is addressed.
  15. We are going to get those skins out as soon as we can, We wanted to get them out sooner but we've been waiting on third party's to provide us the codes needed to send out.
  16. We are aware of the issue and should have a patch coming out soon.
  17. The Tower Stats (Kills, Damage Done, Etc) were temporarily removed while we investigate some issues with them, They will return in a future patch.
  18. Appreciate you making a video about the issue, I will pass it along ot the rest of the team.
  19. This is true, we do often send Corgis pictures to each other. With regards to the ETA, I personally don't know, but the team is getting the patch packed up and ready to ship off to steam, but we want to get it out as soon as we possibly can. We'll be making a news posts when it is official out.
  20. If you didn't recieve the shadow costumes and you purchased the game before the 1.0 release then send an email to Support@Chromatic.Games and they will be able to get those to you.
  21. There is no Ascension system, not sure where you heard that.
  22. Can confirm I checked to make sure sell all respects locked items.
  23. Unfortunately there is no way to get access to the VIP Room at this time.
  24. Your best bet for questions regarding your kickstarter order would be to email Support@Chromatic.Games they'll be able to look that up and see if you have anything that's outstanding or missing.
  25. Also on that note, If you are inside the US they should be getting shipped out, With regards to people outside the US the USPS has suspended all international shipping due to issues going on with Covid-19, Once those clear up and we will be begin shipping out the physical goods to people outside the US.
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