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  1. The -800% bonus armor is not a game issue but rather displaying how much extra damage damage is being taken for a difficulty, as harder difficulties have different scalars on damage. There's definitely a better way to display this and something we can look into but that is currently where that number is coming from.
  2. You were flagged for having hacked hero stats. Wemod is a cheat program that using the functionality regardless of intention will get you flagged, DDA does not look at anything outside of the game happening on your computer, which means in this case you had activated one of the cheats and got flagged otherwise you wouldn't have been flagged. The recent hacker flag wipe was only for those with clean profiles or had been falsely flagged. In this case you still have hacked heroes and were reflagged as such.
  3. Appreciate the report, We are working on getting a fix out for that issue!
  4. Enemies with natural elemental resistances being hit with weapons of the same type of element weapon will not do any damage to the enemy. You shouldn't be seeing any damage numbers in that case as no damage was done. If you are, I'd have to see a video to better understand what you are seeing.
  5. Pets don't have item effects and as such show nothing, you can still view their item effect page because you are allowed to scroll through items viewing item effects without having to constantly page each one.
  6. That would be based off your auto loot settings located in the gameplay settings not Filter bag settings
  7. The All Items tab is intentionally reset every time you leave the session so that it will show all items without needing to change filters every time, only the other bags will save when leaving the session
  8. If you were flagged because you accepted a hacker prompt, all those cases have been reset you can read more about it in this post:
  9. The flag appeal is only for cases in which someone was falsely flagged as a hacker and they will only receive a respond if they have been unflagged. If someone went quite a long time without a response it's likely because our system logs show a different story than the one being presented by the user and as such will not get unflagged. That said with this hotfix we've improved our wording on popups and added additional protections to help prevent players from accidently getting flagged by joining a hacked session, as well as back end changes that should help with the hacker appeal process.
  10. There is a popup when ever the session becomes hacked via a hacker joining an unhacked game session it will prompt each player an option to leave now or stay and become flagged as a hacker.
  11. We are aware of the issue but there's no need to worry about getting banned :)
  12. @UncrownedData This is far from reality, the overwhelming majority of the studio is still solely focused on DDA Development and we have a lot of stuff in the works with our upcoming Episodic content. We simply wanted to give DD2 players some love too as there is still a large community that plays, but that in no way will be slowing down our development on DDA. Hope this clarifies!
  13. Do you both have the latest patch that was released today?
  14. You should have receieved a email with these codes, Check your spam folders, if you cannot find the email you'll need to email Support@Chromatic.Games Follow these steps, if you don't have the title then you will need to contact Support@Chromatic.Games to add that added. These have not yet been added to the game
  15. Transmog is accessed from the blacksmith in the tavern, once you get to the UI you'll want to click the gear at the top banner to create a loadout before you can start customizing.
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