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  1. DEFENDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.35337 | Available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox Changes: Updated Stuck Enemy Detection When an enemy is stuck and not actively attacking the game or stunned it will attempt to reposition the enemy back on to a valid location, if this fails multiple times it will kill the enemy. This should help either fix stuck mobs or kill them off much quicker instead of waiting for them to timeout. Additionally Flying enemies are exempt from this system, due to their special pathing. Strengthen Field Rune
  2. DEFENDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.35296 | Available on PC Bugfixes: Fixed issue with Endless Survival where waves would stop after playing multiple waves back to back. Game Version v2.1.0.35295 | Available PC, Xbox and PlayStation Changes: King's Game Added an additional flying lane and made adjustments to others Added Lane Wisps and Enemy Billboards Lighting Update on the map to fix rendering issues and improved performance. Bugfixes: Fixed issue on consoles with King's Game causing screen to go black. F
  3. DEFENDERS, Just a small but rapid response hotfix to some of the reported issues players have been seeing before the weekend hits. Game Version v2.1.0.35276 | Available PC Bugfixes & Changes: Fixed issue with special enemies not spawning in multiplayer games. Game Version v2.1.0.35272 | Available PC Bugfixes & Changes: Fixed issue with special enemies not being rifted in rift mode. Fixed issue with having too much cast rate causing building to break. Fixed issue with Dark Elf Warriors getting into a jump loop on one of the ramps on King
  4. Defenders, This update is available on Steam! Consoles are in the process of going through certification and will be released once finished. This update contains King’s Game, a recreation of the DD1 map, Player Titles and an overhaul to how special enemies spawn in the wave. While this update is a on the smaller side, our goal is to continue to break up large chunk updates into more bitesize updates that constantly improve player experience instead of having long periods between updates. New Map - King's Game This was a very popular DD1 map and has been highly
  5. Defenders, This update is open for PTR testing! The update is centered around bringing some long requested features and quality of life to the game. The addition of Tavern Storage for players to more effectively store items, and Player Titles for various Kickstarter tier rewards and Gameplay wise we are also bringing back King's game from DD1 and testing a new enemy schedule system for Survival and Mixed mode. How to Join We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join! PTR Reward
  6. DEFENDERS, A couple weeks ago we started a DDA Community Survey to gather feedback from the community about various topics. We received over 1,200 responses and so this post will go over various elements from that survey and talk about the results and what our thoughts are. Quality of Life Section Question: Do you think accessing the inventory during combat phase should be allowed without the ability to swap gear? Results: 66% Yes | 21% In-Different | 13% No Thoughts: With a large amount of people voting yes I think this is enough to implement into the game. That said,
  7. DEFENDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.35022 | Available PC, Xbox and PlayStation This is just a small hotfix primarily to fix the health issue with the Boss Mobs on Massacre Campaign. We'll be combining this hotfix and the last hotfix together and getting those into console certification and deployed once approved. Bugfixes & Changes: Fixed issue with the Corrupted Temple Guardian Adds on the Dune Eater boss fight having too much health on Massacre Campaign. Fixed issue with Holy Bulwark protecting traps causing them to not lose charges. Fixed Shroomy Geyser sp
  8. DEFENDERS, DDA Community Feedback Survey With the Episode 2 Part 2 update live we wanted to take some time to gather feedback as we plan and prepare for future DDA updates this year. As such we’ve created a Survey for players to fill out to steer the direction of things and ask some questions about various game related topics. Survey Link: https://forms.gle/zenPttoDaA8LdHA86 If you fill out the survey and you can enter in for a chance to win one of the following rewards: Golden Corgi Pet Transmog (All Platforms) Pizza Wings Transmog (All Platforms) Rifte
  9. DEFENDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.34989 | Available on PC, Xbox and Playstation Balance: Owl Perch Removed DPS from the tooltip to avoid confusion. Renamed Attack Rate to Reset Time, as this is the time it takes for the Owl to start flying again after returning to the perch. Holy Cannon Fixed issue with base damage not applying to enemies Radiant Outbreak (Holy Cannon Rune) Increased chance ranging from 5% to 60% at max rank instead of 2.5% to 40% prior. Added additional stat that allows it to spread to multiple e
  10. Can you post some images of the blurry textures? Would help us identify where the issues are.
  11. DEFENDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.34961 | Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation Hotfix 1 & 2 for Xbox and PlayStation in certification Balance: Owl Perch Early game Damage is reduced to match other defenses, but late game damage should be the same. Early game Range was increased greatly, while late game range should stay about the same Paralyzing Smite Rune Stun now goes from 1 to 10 seconds between all the ranks. Bugfixes & Changes: Fixed issue with Lycan King Test Gamemode having more health than intended.
  12. Additionally the only way your save can roll back is if you get a save conflict prompt for Local Vs Cloud Save, as saves are stored both locally and on the cloud. So in that even you would have been given the option to pick which save to keep.
  13. DEFENDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.34935 | Available on PC Bugfixes & Changes: Fixed issue with false Hacker Flags linked with trading. Those that were affected by this have been unflagged. Disabled Ogre Pulse Acceleration on Forsaken Temple causing non stop waves of ogres during the boss phase. Added Missing Guardian Description. Fixed a bunch of string tags on Descriptions for abilities and defenses that weren't displaying properly. Fixing various map holes / collision around Forsaken Temple. Added some enemy kill volumes for spiders
  14. DEFENDERS, The Episode 2 Part 2 update is live on PC, Xbox and PlayStation! This update brings a brand new hero to the Dungeon Defenders Universe, The Guardian! As well as 2 new maps, one of which will be the Boss Map, and lastly more Runes. This will wrap up the Episode 2 update as a whole as we prepare to look at what’s next for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened! Rifted Guardian Costume Login Reward! Starting today if you login between now and May 2nd at 1 PM EST you'll unlock the Rifted Guardian Costume. This can be accessed in the Transmog UI by talking with the blacksmith.
  15. DEFENDERS, Hotfixes for the PTR, will be grouped by version number. 4/7 | Game Version v2.1.0.34820 | Final Patch Before Release This will be the final patch for the PTR and so the PTR will run through the weekend and then close as we make any final changes before release. Make sure you fill out your survey before the weekend is over in order to get the PTR reward when the update comes otu. Changes: Added new Tac Map Images for Castle Armory and Forsaken Temple. Updated Guardian Image Art Hero card HUD Portrait Tac Map Icon
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