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  1. We are aware of the issue but there's no need to worry about getting banned :)
  2. @UncrownedData This is far from reality, the overwhelming majority of the studio is still solely focused on DDA Development and we have a lot of stuff in the works with our upcoming Episodic content. We simply wanted to give DD2 players some love too as there is still a large community that plays, but that in no way will be slowing down our development on DDA. Hope this clarifies!
  3. Do you both have the latest patch that was released today?
  4. You should have receieved a email with these codes, Check your spam folders, if you cannot find the email you'll need to email Support@Chromatic.Games Follow these steps, if you don't have the title then you will need to contact Support@Chromatic.Games to add that added. These have not yet been added to the game
  5. Transmog is accessed from the blacksmith in the tavern, once you get to the UI you'll want to click the gear at the top banner to create a loadout before you can start customizing.
  6. Can you describe more about this issue, What Map, Difficulty and Gamemode were you playing? What wave does it disconnect on? Does everyone in the game get disconnected? Does it happen every time?
  7. Cross save will be going out once we can get it approved through a special certification process through Microsoft, There's no need to add it as an Idea on the roadmap as we already know many people want this feature and it will soon enough.
  8. On item tooltips "Split IPWR" will show a item power score for Hero Vs Defense oriented stats as highlighted in the picture below:
  9. We are aware of the issue and it will be fixed in a future patch, for the time being try to avoid left thumbstick as much as you can :)
  10. Xbox Codes should be able to be redeemed now :)
  11. Codes will become active in 32 minutes (12 PM EST)
  12. Xbox Codes are in the process of being sent as we speak, so check your emails shortly as may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox though :)
  13. Yes if you have a 4k tv then it would be 4K@30. In regards to the graphics there's not really a straight forward answer to that question as its not as simple as saying we set the Xbox Version to Low or anything, There are a lot of things that went into the optimization of the platform so it's hard to really define it as a specific preset and a mix of different settings. Wish I had a more clear answer for you. Here's a gameplay video for reference if you would like to see for yourself:
  14. The DDA release on Xbox will run at 30 FPS @ the resolution of your TV / Monitor (With a limit of 4K) until we are able to verify that the game runs smoothly and as expected on higher frame rates specifically on more powerful systems like the Xbox Series X|S. This is something we weren't able to verify quite yet as don't have any Xbox Series X|S dev kits yet, hopefully in the future we can look at opening things up once we can ensure that they are stable.
  15. If you are playing with gamepad, What's likely happening is you are pressing Left Thumbstick on the inventory and that is reseting the hero stat points. That bind which isn't currently displayed as an option is supposed to only work while on the stat panel itself but currently works on either or. If you are experiencing this I'd recommend setting up your sorts on your Filter Bags to the way you like and trying to avoid changing sort (Which is also bound to Left Thumbstick Press). I've already logged this issue into our system and hope to get it resolved in a future patch. If you ar
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