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  1. DEFENDERS, Hotfixes for the PTR, will be grouped by version number. 3/31 | Game Version v2.1.0.34744 | Available PTR Only New Additions: Mini-Ogre (Pet) Drops in Castle Armory As expected is a mini ogre that will melee attack and throw mini snotballs / kobolds (Fusion) at enemies with a large AoE. Known Issue: the name and description are still tied to Mega Chicken Divine Absorption (Rune) Drops in Foundries and Forges The Holy Bulwark now heals X% of damage received from the towers it is protecting. It will not
  2. DEFENDERS, The Episode 2 Part 2 update is ready for PTR testing! This update brings a brand new hero to the Dungeon Defenders Universe, The Guardian! As well as 2 new maps, one of which will be the Boss Map, and lastly more Runes. This will wrap up the Episode 2 update as a whole as we prepare to look at what’s next for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened! How to Join We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join! PTR Reward You’ll be given the choice of reward in the sur
  3. DEFENDERS, Wanted to get a small hotfix out for some of the early game issues we've gotten reports for as we are prepping for the Episode 2 Part 2 PTR with the Guardian, 2 new maps and more! Game Version v2.1.0.34620 | Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation BUGFIXES: Fixed issue with issue with Nightmare & Massacre gear having higher level requirements than intended. Potential fix for Rogue Djinns not being targetable on Royal Gardens Fixed issue with Map Select keeping Nightmare and Massacre locked until Summit was beat. Fixed issue with Beaming Bloss
  4. DEFENDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.34488 | Available on PC Changes: Voting now pauses during build phase and continues once combat phase starts Increased Height of voting widget to allow longer descriptions. Added a health bar for the Demon Lord Twitch Event Duplicate Events shouldn't show up in the vote anymore. BUGFIXES: Fixed issue with Upgrade Towers Twitch Event saying towers were destroyed Fixed issue with Demon Lord Twitch Event not despawning during build phase Fixed issue with Demon Lord Twitch Event having too much health in early
  5. DEFENDERS, Today we have a small game update and a handful of other events to talk about! This update contains the Early Game changes to make things harder. As well as Twitch Integration which will allow streamers to connect their twitch account to the game and let viewers vote on events to take place in game! Free Steam Weekend Have you been curious to try the game before buying? Got a friend you want to convince to play? Well now is their chance! We’ll be running a free weekend for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Steam! There will also be a sale for the game so if yo
  6. Try playing online now, I updated your account and you should have it, if not send me a message on the forums or on discord and I'll get it sorted.
  7. DEFENDERS, This is going to be a bit of a different PTR, Instead of testing new features this PTR is aimed at testing out early game changes. What that means is that going into the PTR you will be given a new profile and not a copy of your live game. Obviously this PTR is not going to be for everyone and this is really aimed at people who enjoy providing feedback to try and help improve the game. How to Join We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join! PTR Reward
  8. DEFNEDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.33792 | Available on PC PlayStation, and Xbox BUGFIXES: Fixed issue with Yuletide Village not dropping Fusion gear or a Giraffe pet from the chest Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck bottom right staircase on Yuletide Village Fixed issue with the Fusion Penguin pet not using the correct material Fixed issue with the Fusion Penguin pet not being able to drop with 3-5 projectiles Fixed issue with missing Penguin pet when beating wave 15 and then going on to beat wave 25 in the same map Fixed issue with Inferno Trap d
  9. We should have a fix for this coming in the next the next hotfix for consoles.
  10. DEFNEDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.33783 | Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation Balance: Penguin Pet (Yuletide Village Pet Reward): Reworked the ability of the pet to shoot it's projectiles in a mortar like format Added the ability for the pet to roll between 3 and 5 projectiles. Greatly Increased the ranged of the pet Increased damage output Misc: Made the out of bounds walls taller and added a kill volume below the map to catch any parkour players who have been exploring. Added music to Yuletide Village. BUGFIX
  11. The PDS has a issue not damaging enemies currently that is fixed on Steam and will be hotfixes on consoles once we can get the build pass certification.
  12. DEFENDERS, The holiday season is upon us and as such it’s time for some holiday fun! This update brings a brand new map to the Dungeon Defenders universe as well as some QoL features that have been requested. This update is live on Steam, Xbox and Playstation. Santa Hat Login Reward Starting between now and January 5th, 2023 if you login in on any platform you’ll be rewarded a Santa Hat transmog to help you celebrate the season! Go talk with the blacksmith to get your festive spirit going! Yuletide Village It wouldn’t be the holidays without a festive new map to play. As such w
  13. DEFNEDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.33566 | Available on PC (Consoles WIP) Balance: Infinite Boss Phase enemies no longer drop loot. Misc: Plasma Defense System no longer needs to be rotated before placing. Vulture Mask is now the transmog list. Adjusted ogre spawn times on Ancient Mines and Foundries and Forges to be quicker. Adjusted the Kill volume underneath Bazaar to cover more of the map. Added some additional trading UI protections to prevent trading any potential duplicates. BUGFIXES: Fixed issue with Bazaar and Lost Metropolis su
  14. Golden Hammel has not yet been added yet, but once it is it will be mentioned in a patchnote, as for the waves not saving that has been fixed and should go out with the next hotfix. Regarding the core blowing up with no reason would require more info specifically a video would be nice, but it's unlikely that it's no reason and probably just a rogue projectile.
  15. DEFNEDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.33532 | Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation BUGFIXES: Fixed various crashes with abilities and runes. Fixed issue with players being able to send trade requests before a player has loaded into a map. Fixed a issue with client profile's not saving in specific cases when the host would initiate various transitions. Fixed issue with trading causing people to be flagged as a hacker incorrectly in specific cases. As such any players that have interacted with trading had their hacker flag reset, though if you still have a hack
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