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  1. Xbox player here so I can't post logs unfortunately. As I mentioned on the other thread about this though, anecdotally it feels like this is related to how quickly one goes to the inventory after entering town. i.e. If you go to the inventory too soon after entering the map the inventory is incomplete. It's as though populating the inventory is a task that isn't quite finished and you interrupt it if you go to the inventory too quickly. As I say that might be completely wrong but it feels like it fits with what I've seen in practice.
  2. Yep same here, in fact just entering a map or moving from Town to Tavern fixes it for me. It's almost as though it happens if you look at your inventory too quickly after entering the game. Like it was still populating your inventory and you've interrupted it. Swapping map has always fixed it for me though.
  3. Go see the shady merchant or I think from memory D-Pad up + LB.
  4. It does feel odd to have to farm Plain Motes when it's well below your level. What about if Motes continued to drop as they do currently, but were made hierarchical. So that... a) Shiny motes could be used in place of Plain. b) Pristine motes could be used in place of Plain or Shiny. With upgrades then just using the lowest quality Mote you have on you that fits the bill. So if you want to upgrade a Chaos I item and have no Plain motes then upgrading would use any Shiny in preference to Pristine. Under these conditions (when you don't have the right mote but one of a higher quality) it mi
  5. For me I like him and think he's pretty well balanced. I'll like him more when my Earthshatter's mess him up though, the devs are looking at that I believe. He won't do damage for very long then. ;o)
  6. That's very impressive, is that the new floor 104 (i.e. since the Isle of Dread expansion), or the old one? I'm not sure what the old floor 104 would be equivalent to these days, maybe 50ish? I'm not trying to take anything away from your achievement, obviously, just want to check I'm understanding. I'm at new floor 59 at the moment, and if I reroll endlessly I might scrape past it (only to get stuck at the next Forgotten Temple floor though hehe).
  7. Interested in this too, I'm at 550ish Ascension and Floor 59 but haven't reset yet. Onslaught is starting to feel as though I won't be able to progress much further without resetting due to talent caps etc. I guess you may also want to not fully upgrade any gear you don't absolutely have to between resets? I'm not sure if that's possible though?
  8. Yeah it was weird, it wasn't attached to the mini map at the top right, it was centred over my head and following me about. Hehe :o)
  9. [Slightly naughty post, reader discretion advised] So I logged into Town on Saturday and... wow!... This pattern of dots appeared over my head on the UI, and followed me around. At first I thought I'd unlocked some unique, obscenely biological flair for being so bad an Onslaught (fail x number of times in a row or something). ;o) I think what had actually happened was someone naughty had made this pattern of defenses on the Town map and then maybe I logged in as they were logging out (there were no defenses in the Town when I got there) and it somehow confused the UI. Anyway, it made me
  10. I think maybe I ran into this last night on Temple, but I can't be 100% sure. I was on Wave 5 and one aerial only lane (which had been coping fine with a single SGT) was suddenly destroyed by dargons and I failed. Very annoying. The lane was the lower one on the south east wall (behind the big arch). The thing is, I didn't see it happen, just the aftermath of the SGT no longer being there (destroyed) and the crystal being taken out by a swarm of dargons. Without actually seeing the SGT sat there not firing and with dargons bearing down on it, it could simply have been that the SGT was overrun
  11. Thanks guys, I always seem to get High Roller on really short lanes where there's no good place to position defenses behind them. :o/ I've been stuck on Floor 54 for a while but I seemed to do a better last night by focusing on my Earthshatter towers for most lanes (they really do seem to be devastating with the mods and shards I have on them now). Onwards and upwards! :o)
  12. I'd be interested in your strategy for High Rollers? I gather the answer is to bunch them up with a Frosty or Proton beam or something. That never seems to quite work for me though. I want to take out the lead roller obviously, but end up being mullered by the ones behind! :/
  13. Any idea what floor this mod will be dropping on now, since the update? It used to be Floor 80+ I believe? Is that like 50 now or something?
  14. There's a couple of ways, either get them off you, or kill them so quick they don't matter. :o) If you want to get them off you quick (so you can murder them yourself), get a pet with the "Sparkle Party" ability. In terms of killing them quick Lightning Strike Auras are good (so long as there aren't loads of them). Frost towers help too. I tend to use a combination of Sparkle Party and moving to a heavily defended area.
  15. Hi there, Don't worry, your English is fine, well done. I think it's possible to die inside the shield bubble of a geode. The geodes often have enemies inside them so maybe you were killed by one of them?
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