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  1. Just upgraded a 272^ elder staff with about same starting dmg, it got to 45k. Every level gives 142/146 alternating dmg, by my calculations the 388^ elder should reach 61k or so
  2. Is it that im blind, or did u forget to include pictures/links for items?
  3. depends on which stat you are planning to upgrade
  4. These items have been sitting around for a while so decided to finally get rid of them IC > https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=564 Accepting coal, cubes, diamonds 5/10/15 Message me if u want to put up either ult++ items or events https://ibb.co/fEvGgd HB: 3cv Zesiro https://ibb.co/iBc7nJ HB: https://ibb.co/gwRBEy HB: https://ibb.co/dDw07J HB: 7cv LouisFauster https://ibb.co/kXz6Ey HB: Auction will go til next sunday 15/7/18 Happy Bidding
  5. Hey could you please IC these for me? :) Uncensored images sent to Plane and lolzcoolcat https://ibb.co/fEvGgd https://ibb.co/iBc7nJ https://ibb.co/gwRBEy https://ibb.co/dDw07J https://ibb.co/kXz6Ey
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