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  1. Your data is preserved in another save mode (i.e. legacy). This is not a wipe. A wipe is akin to a factory reset on your device where all your settings, data, etc. are irrecoverable. A wipe is what savvy tech users do to their hard drives and ROM devices to ensure that no one steals their identity. A wipe means NONE of your data can be accessed or recovered, ever again. You were not lied to in that you get to "keep" all your pre-release data. Most EULAs expressly state that terms and conditions, especially the company's control of your data, can be augmented at any time. If you don't believe me, school up on how Facebook and Google manipulate their data for their "free" services. You labeled it a "Cheater's mode", not they. You should always know whenever playing Early Access or Beta, there's a chance you don't get what's promised, stated, guaranteed, etc. You are naive to think otherwise. If you don't believe me, try buying a new/used car, a house, a timeshare, and anything that's negotiable. Hell, lending money to friends/relatives results in hard feelings most times even if promises are made. Look at what happened with Savage Lands, the Firely MMORPG, and the Fyre Festival. Chromatic did not waste hundreds of hours of your life, nor did Trendy or any other service. You have a choice with all the time you spend on anything. If you bow out of this, farewell and good wishes; but don't blame others for your choices or the consequences of them. For example, I could tell you to jump off a bridge or heed this post, but you know not who I am, so why would you? In the end, it's all your choice and your control of your reactions. You will either learn from your decision to play this or other games, or continue blaming others/the world/your parents for what happens to you. Welcome to growing up :)
  2. Dude - the game was early access before it launched ... With any EA/beta game there's a high chance for wiping "progress". Read the EULA ...
  3. I've done similar steps and have a related issue. Game screen freezes for teh most part with music playing. The eternia crystal in the background changes views, but can't do much else.
  4. I dont' have a black screen, but might as well have it - my game freezes several seconds after the intro video plays. Can hear music but can't do much else. Steam overlay shows 1 FPS.
  5. Update 01Jan2012: Removed anonymous editing. Too many folks were editing column widths, row sizes, hidden rows, and formulae without restoring their changes. Edits can still be made by Google account holders or after downloading the spreadsheet. Opened the document to public viewing (though registration is still needed to edit).
  6. I've noticed this problem too, but I adjust to stuckages just like everything else. Try the builds in my signature (Solo or Teams). Also, if ogres are stuck like that often you can take them on yourself if you are spec'd and geared well enough, especially if they're stuck and unable to fight back. In one picture you have an ogre and 5 mobs left with 2:20+ on the clock, which is more than enough time for cleanup. This isn't a clean solution, but you have to be geared enough and willing to step outside of your safe zone to hunt down stuck monsters. Look at the bright side, at least the mob's not immune (like the SW DEW or NW kobold/goblin stuckages).
  7. Very Interesting! I'm sure it'll help me. I was wondering how did you get the data, did you go around the game's source code? After some research I found the coefficients for the upgrade formulae on the forums, via re-posted source code. When I compared to actual in-game upgrade data the coefficients didn't match, so I old fashion-edly went about recording true values and contriving my own modified coefficients for the spreadsheet formulae.
  8. Hackers are just like you and me, only they find the game so hard that they've decided to cheat to get what they want. And so they do, and they finish the hardest challenges way faster than anyone that can do it through normal progression and get the best loot for that period of the game. But they share that loot, so that's a plus! At the price of an arm and a leg. But it's only 2 billion mana & your soul, that's fiiiine! You can always get more by selling your 100-150^ weapons and 40-60^ gear for about 1-3 million each. You'll eventually get there in a week, maybe a month, or several months. With each sale you make and each Insane Glitter run you finish (about 1-3 million mana), you get closer to that 200million cap. If you're lucky you can hit the 2 billion cap! These hackers take a lot of time to go into their save files, modify the values on their gear to give them impossible stats, and then go back into the "legitimate" game to get more stuff to sell to us. YES, that's right! They hack the game to make it easier, to go back into the game to get stuff they don't need, so that they can pass it around the community for more stuff they don't need. So give them your hard earned mana in exchange for items that they've worked SOOO hard to obtain. It'll make them happy, it'll instantly gratify your need for the best loot possible, and everyone saves time INSTANTLY getting what they want. [HR][/HR] The Plea In case you didn't catch the tone of the message, I wasn't being serious about buying hacked or even end-game gear. A lot of the satisfaction of gaming for true gamers comes from hitting that wall of challenge and then failing over and over until they get it right. For most true DD gamers, that means avoiding AFK shops altogether unless there's an improvement that isn't that much insanely higher than their current gear. Jumping from the UMF 1.0 70^ gear directly to the 200^ gear leaves a huge gap of emptiness for the challenge. It also keeps the mana in the hands of those who probably don't need the mana in the first place (i.e. exploiters & hackers). Trendy is too small a force to stop temptation, so it's up to the players to end the effects of hacking. It's tempting to get that 200^ weapon and 100^ armor for w/e price they're selling it at, but what are you really buying? Something that will help you progress, or just a trophy you can use to say "I did it?" You sure did it, buddy, you bought your way to a weapon you didn't have the skill or patience to acquire. If you've already got end-game gear legitimately, grats to you! If you had to plug in a controller or 3 to get that leaderboard score, chill somewhere until mobs despawned to finish a wave, or hacked stats to make them seem legit and then attempt a map, well, that just sucks for you. Go for thread closure/flames/rants/discussion. I hope this plea gets out to those who care.
  9. Merappy Kwanzukkas in case not all of you be Christian XD! Thanks for the great times this year and let's share more of 'em next year!
  10. Title says it all. Farm what you can while the farming's still good. Unless you hack ... well then keep on hacking >_<. I predict damage nerfs, an even longer respawn timer, further trap/aura nerfs, eventual tower nerfs, etc. NM just isn't hard enough apparently.
  11. I confess, I've been playing since PC release and I have yet to reach level 74 O_o ... Is there anyone else who's as stubborn as me?
  12. I believe in Trendy, they can fix this, they just need the right feedback. If you want them to drop PvP, at least give a constructive feedback in why PvP has no place in this game. :) PVP is like the leaderboards: it doesn't matter. There's no rewards for PVP/leadboard, the lag is always host-based for PVP, and there's basically no incentive to PVP. Hell, if you keep killing the host, there's a great chance (s)he will just kick you. Sure it's fun to run around killing my friends, but if it's because I have better gear (farmed or bought), then it's not really fun anymore. PVP should be like the MOBA genre, which is successful because all players are standardized at the start of the match and items/money-to-buy-items gained are based on skill.
  13. Aura size is still a joke. Theres no logical reason behind it... if im wrong please correct me trendy :) Off-topic: is the chick in your profile picture real or fake. If real, WHO SHE BE so I can stalk her?
  14. So the answer was "any app guard over 20 boost is indeed cheated" and their answer to that is "make them all legit now". Shame they couldn't just answer the thread and do something about the cheaters rather than turn them all legit. This is Trendy's M.O. Look at UMF 2.0 with the ropes removed. It seems it is too much effort to individually remove all items obtained through exploits, so the best they can do is damage control. Best we can hope for is that after all the testing is done, NM is tweaked and we'll all have a chance at legitimate 200^ such loot.
  15. Shop's open for the afternoon. If you can't find the shop, try changing your download region. If you still can't, contact me later tonight on Steam and I'll invite you. Monk weapons started being added.
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