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    Did you drop some acid?
  3. That was all answered in the open letter
  4. Price was never and issue for me as I backed the game on kick starter and still paid the $40, so yeah but everything else is a big issue to me
  5. To me A big issue is that we played EA and gave our input on what was wrong and what need to be added to the game yet they did none of that even input that had sevel people backing it like better bag sorting options or even multi bags that we could name and move stuff to. But no they did nothing and this wipe or legacy server could have been avoided if they would have given us the option to simply move our current game save to the non-legacy server they could have even told us about it weeks ago and given us time to think about what we would like to do or prepare mentally to restart I had 303 hours into EA I know that’s not a lot compared to many people buy that’s still 303 hours of my life that I put into this and not its gone because I don’t with to play with moders and cheaters but for real they took zero of our input about making the game better and gave us like half of what they promised took our money and ran to the bank then lowered the price to get more money, but that going to be hard with all the crap reviews that game now has.
  6. Its funny because I thought that the forum for the EA was so they could get our input and ideas on what the game needed yet it seems EVERYTHING that we suggested did it make it into the game like we suggested even if it was something what had a lot of people asking for it this company is a joke I will NEVER buy/back one of their products again…
  7. I think it would be nice to have the option to move our EA game off the legacy server and onto the new server I think that would be a good fix
  8. Then that person is not doing there job and should be replaced Working at home does not mean it’s time to goof off, its still work time and right now as companies are learning its better in the grand deal of things because work still gets don’t and less office space is needed Amazon, apple and others are saying that most of there remote workers will stay remote workers
  9. Actually spoken like a person who built A highly successful web design company, SEO, online marketing, Ecommerce, developing, our own software so that we could do a better job at design, we have worked with many large retails and cooperate. Half of our company has has or does work remotely.
  10. Pandemic this pandemic that, I call BS maybe if it was still the day of 56k dial up modems buy in this day of video chat and 200 Mbps that’s just am excuse fact is they did not release the promised product, I remember them saying we would get a mix of DD1 and DD2 maps as well as a few new maps they said new features, new bosses/ bad guys they also said it would be faster and easier to do with this new game engine they are using “unreal 4” we gave they our money with a promise of something new and they are laughing all the way to the bank .
  11. I don’t think DD-A is a bad move, I do however think the way they are announcing it and moving forward with it seems bad. For weeks now we have been teased with info on updates to DD-2 and then bam today we get new company, new game but no new DD-2…..
  12. And how exactly?Every updates they throw out is a joke,people get bored quick . Lot of people can carry newbies etc ... where is the fun with that? the game is good as it is . I miss the old game where everything was tamplay,since asc lvl and Onslaught came out,Chaos tiers are a joke . even saw a player ascension 20 600 We have a glimmer of hope with Elandrian and Javahawk being the new Creative directors, hopefully they will live up to there past reputation and get this game back on track.
  13. Go into setting and change your NAT type to open
  14. Does ancient strikes bypass the tower max range in other words if the tower is at max range will that tower still benefit from ancient strikes?
  15. I keep getting this when I log into the game on Xbox one after i click ok on it it goes away and all is fine, but why?
  16. There are 2 overall points that need to happen 1 Incursion style encounters need to stay in Incursions 2 Incursions need better rewards and more replayability
  17. I have had this happen to me some months ago Xbox one
  18. In the “Thoughts on the update” topic Lawlta said incursions are “one and done” and I agree they are however they don’t have to be. Make them meaningful and keep Incursion out of expeditions and onslaught. My example of how to make Incursion useful is something like this Add a tier set system to the game Tier armor sets and Tier weapon sets “think world of warcraft tier sets” the tier sets would have a special ability or MOD for each character in DD2. Make the tier sets farmable in Incursion maps only and add a new tier set every 6 months or so.
  19. Keyboard and rodent support for xbone?
  20. I love the new boss “every time the new boss come out in any map that’s not Drakenfrost keep I’m stoked” and I would totally love the new map as an incursion but as it is now this sucks man. Incursion don’t have to be one and done you guys just made it that way, be creative and change this while making it rewarding. The overwhelming theme I keep hearing is “make it rewarding” So do that. If you want Drakenfrost keep as an onslaught map with the fires and lane mods then make it rewarding. Make me the player excited I got past it, right now as a solo player doing resets I get to drakenfrost onslaught and I’m “nope not today” And its not that its overly hard its just that it’s a chore with no reward.
  21. We need more content Trendy I know you guys are hard at work adding to Dungeon defenders 2 but what you guys are adding is not content they are system changes.These system changes have improved the game but have also made the game easier and more repetitive and in return boring. Not talking about onslaught here but every other part of the game is a cakewalk or just a drawn-out time invest of a cakewalk. This is because I and I also believe most players can complete C7 content with outtrying and this is/was before M.O.D.S. made the game easier. Campaign/Adventures – Good for the story and getting into the game, after that useless. Solution – maybe add more story/maps to it once a year Expeditions – Good for farming gear, MODS, motes but like said before all are supper easy once geared out and then become a tedious bore of a grind of C3 and C6 for get 5 motes per run just so we can AP reset over and over. Solution – Add more chaos levels. “I said this in a different topic” Lawlta replied with “we're not going to focus on is new Chaos levels, asit creates a larger gap in our player base than we currently feel is needed”You mean like the huge gap that C8 amps have put in place? Onslaught – A more challenging version of Expeditions but with less gear, gold and XP as a reward. Onslaught need to feel rewarding, some form of benefit for doing it and the occasional C8 amp or defenders pack. Solution – Make it rewarding make it so that the player gets stronger as he/she progresses threw onslaught. Balance that strength gain so that it’s still a challenge to progress. Mastery – Its just not fun the unique challenges feel,well not very unique and repetitive. Solution – No ideas here Incursions – Some of these are very good, Bling king. Spectral assault, power surge, ect because they are unique, other are boring because they basically feel like you are doing expeditions. Solution – Add more maps to this and make them vastly different then the expedition version of the map. Make the game fun again Trendy
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