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  1. All I got’s to say is I’m here for the tower defense and not so must the action part if I wanted that I would be playing doom eternal….
  2. I am not asking where the Throne room one is as I have found him thanks to your screen shot, but I am asking how you did find him in the first place?
  3. nothing to say really as its in the tittle
  4. Also map select beyond the first 12 is an issue this talks about it a little bit
  5. I had the same issue the other day and the challenge maps no not have to be done on insane mode, but the campaign does
  6. Hay guys/girls at Chromatic Games/Labs I see that using all those rabbets and Ramsters to play test is starting to pay off The game-pad user experience is starting to shape up pretty nice
  7. I used to own a cybercafe back in the day when they was the rage, the next-door business was and computer store that sold Macintosh/apple store. We did not get along to well, so we used old Mac 128k systems to hold our entrance door open .
  8. Chromatic Games Programmer-drops computer Tower Chromatic Games IT person-what the hell man Chromatic Games Programmer-papafhill said drop everything on the forums, so…. Chromatic Games IT person-And they make fun of me because I’m only an IT guy
  9. At what point does it go to Magus Quarters on campaign? never has for me
  10. yes let me go do it again as it is a game and is fun to play
  11. Thank you for the reply Mary, my characters are as follows 72,71,71,70,70,54,54
  12. Thank you the problem kind of fixed I can now find/see the map but it still says its locked. I have completed ACT-1 on INSANE I have also completed both challenge maps I have completed all of campaign mode “not all in insane” I am guessing that’s the issue I am having
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