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  1. Dungeon Defenders if I am correct came out in 2011 some 19 years ago, DDA came out A mere months ago. I have heard of stories about CG playing Dungeon Defenders to get an idea of what they wanted in DDA. I think a lot of the problems with DDA is that by CG playing Dungeon Defenders before/during development of DDA is that is made them look at Dungeon Defenders threw rose colored glasses. Players have changed and when a game comes back in a remake game players get bored because we have moved on threw new games and expect that from the games we play. Sorry CG but DDA needs big changes or its goi
  2. True but that has never stopped him from doing non NDA content in the past
  3. Even dungeon defenders biggest fanboy juicebags seems to have stopped doing videos/live streaming DDA content
  4. The thing is DDA is boring you get stuff and then it gets easy then you get more stuff and get mad because the stuff you are getting is no better than the stuff you have. DD2 for was hated because all of its micro transactions that sucked, but the game made you push for harder content with Onslaught so you still had a challenge plus the points allocation made it so you could do specific builds. I know DDA is a basic remake of DD1 but still its played out the game needs some real change
  5. I just love how CG has nothing to say in/on this topic
  6. Anyone have this issues? I have the Glorious Defender trophy but in massacre mix mode/pure strategy it says that I need to Beat the maps in campaign still I have done the full campaign have all the check marks for them but still do not have my Unbeatable Survivalist trophy I would like to play mix mode and pure strategy
  7. I don’t do discord but really need someone to play with I am stuck on lava Mines campaign
  8. I was talking about how they made NM harder but no better gear from it
  9. And with making lvls harder, we don't even get better gear
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