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  1. I think everything should work threw it auras, even the player think how well that would help solo players being able to teleport to areas of the map instead of having to run only to find the crystal destroyed
  2. A portal tower- 2 part tower that includes an entry portal that other towers/hero can shot into and an exit tower that the shot comes out of
  3. 1 - Massive story 2 - Game modes game modes game modes, sure story is cool but give us play modes that we can just hop into and play. 3 - A meaningful grind “In DD2 we grind for motes, tokens and shards = boring, In DDA give us a grind that’s rewarding, say like armor sets like Word of Warcraft tier armor set with a 2 piece and 4 piece set bonus and weapon sets. Let the things like motes, tokens and shards come to the player naturally. Add new tier sets every 6 months or so? 4 – bring in rewarding play, set in points in the game that are very hard to get past but then reward that player with something that fits the challenge 5 – If you do anything like ancient power and onslaught, make them go together so that an ancient power reset will make you godlike, but onslaught always is a challenge still
  4. I’m sure They will release for PC and consoles it just may end up being a later release for consoles. The real console worry should be will the game launch of the next gen consoles “Xbox2, PS5” as they should be out in the next 12 to 18 months.
  5. I don’t think DD-A is a bad move, I do however think the way they are announcing it and moving forward with it seems bad. For weeks now we have been teased with info on updates to DD-2 and then bam today we get new company, new game but no new DD-2…..
  6. I made my $25 pledge, I want to pledge more but will wait tell more info comes out. BTW this is my first time I have ever contributed to any kickstarter, always felt the idea was stupid but if it gets me new DD stuff I’m cool with it…
  7. Feels a little scammy to me with the little bit of info we have so far. I really like the plan but I am not dropping $ into kickstarter until I get more info
  8. So is this a simple company name change or something more sinister? Did a group of Trendy developer band together to start Chromatic Games? What happened to Trendy? Did an epic battle take place? Is Jose dead?
  9. And how exactly?Every updates they throw out is a joke,people get bored quick . Lot of people can carry newbies etc ... where is the fun with that? the game is good as it is . I miss the old game where everything was tamplay,since asc lvl and Onslaught came out,Chaos tiers are a joke . even saw a player ascension 20 600 We have a glimmer of hope with Elandrian and Javahawk being the new Creative directors, hopefully they will live up to there past reputation and get this game back on track.
  10. Go into setting and change your NAT type to open
  11. Does ancient strikes bypass the tower max range in other words if the tower is at max range will that tower still benefit from ancient strikes?
  12. I keep getting this when I log into the game on Xbox one after i click ok on it it goes away and all is fine, but why?
  13. There are 2 overall points that need to happen 1 Incursion style encounters need to stay in Incursions 2 Incursions need better rewards and more replayability
  14. I have had this happen to me some months ago Xbox one
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