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  1. did you really Quote your self? this proves you must be truly mad bro!!!! this company has a track record of releasing buggy products if you played DD1 you should be used to it and get over it.
  2. So I just completed deeper well on massacre “my first massacre map” However it did not unlock the map on survival Its was my game but was open to the public and someone did join in does that change anything on unlocking survival?
  3. delete something in your bags they are full its a bug that's not really a bug its more of a limit in the game
  4. I used you live on an island “Guam” better internet then I have stateside, but we have better food here. I would also think being a potato is better then being a pool-boy
  5. Can you make it so that we can sort games by map/ difficulty/ game type?
  6. How is the office pool doing? who does the cleaning or do you have a pool-boy?
  7. By calling them Trendy he is basically saying they are acting like Trendy did because Trendy never really communicated with the community.
  8. Maybe next time slow down and do not rush threw the content and slow down and see the flowers, have some fun. I understand speed runs but if you speed run you have no right to complain about running out of content as the dev team if more focused on quality and not speed codding.
  9. any word on when it will be in game or what about it is special as to why its not in game yet?
  10. Although I do agree that we should all have open talks about features we would like added to the game I hardly would call it abuse unless you are doing it about the same thing over and over, I mean its highly unlikely that the community team goes up to the dev team and is like so I read this really cool thing that the players want in the game can we make that happen?
  11. If you post that in the report bugs menu option in game they may take it into consideration its not just for reporting bugs so I have been told
  12. But they hired a new guy just for UI!!!!
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