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  1. ah true but I mean like an actually 50 rounds per second kinda thing. Idk i think it would be ok
  2. Yes! this is a good idea. It is super hard to get the "deadly strikes" shard, at that just one of them. and if you need 10 to guild a shard, thats like if you have 4 defenses you need it on, you need like 44 deadly strikes shards. thats like bare minimum 44 games in c3 if your super lucky and get defense range every time.
  3. Hello trendy, if you read this. I wanted to see if theres a chance you'll ever add a machine gun for ev2, bc shes kinda like bastion and orisa from OW combined (no hate, I love those 2 characters from OW). Its kinda random and pointless ik but it'd be really cool if she could have a machine gun canister. Thanks for reading!
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