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  1. Earlier this month I read a thread about items disappearing or visually duplicates of an item if you selected an item in bag 1 and swapped the bag you were viewing it would appear in the second bag as well but it was only a visual bug and would be fixed by re logging or zoning out of the area. Sometimes this happened to me while I was sorting my inventory. Today I patched and did 1 c7 map. After completing the map I checked through my inventory and saw that most of the items in my bag 3 were missing. I thought this was a visual bug where it appeared like there was not many items in my bag so I re logged and checked again but still nothing. I did another map but still most of my inventory is missing. https://imgur.com/a/9ldmOPW The bag was full and the items in my bag were pretty old. A bunch of marks, orbs and other items that were pretty high rolled and a few perfect relics. But for some reason they are missing. Is anyone else missing items after the recent patch?
  2. Ah, thank you :D. Looks like its all back to normal now. Sorry I wasn't sure if you wanted me to post my account in this thread or not so I sent you a DM on your forum account, maybe it didn't go through. Thanks again for the fix though.
  3. Hmm I tried going to steam library>dd2>properties>local files>verify integrity of game files. It found 1 file that had a problem but when it re downloaded it nothing really changed.
  4. I was playing a lot during the ancient power update but took a break early 2018 to do other things. I noticed much has changed over the past 4-5 months starting with the barbarian update where shards were more or less revamped. More recently there were mods that were added as well which changed a lot. So I decided to update and play again. When I logged in all of my shards on every one of my characters was missing. The shards I had equipped inside of gear on my characters were not converted to the new gear slots like the patch notes mentioned. I had almost 2 full bags of relics that were holding useful duplicate shards such as defense range, power transfer, defense critical damage, etc. This was to micromanage my inventory space. For example a bag has 64 slots of items, each relic can hold 3 shards, so I could hold 192 shards inside of the relics in 1 bag. I was under the impression that these would overflow my inventory and instead be sent to the scavenger to pickup in bundles. However this was not the case, the scavenger had nothing for me after I patched. My inventory after is now 1.7 bags full of now empty relics and a few character specific shards that I couldn't fit on characters so they were sitting in my inventory. Those are the only shards I have, the ones that I never used and were sitting in my inventory. I sent a ticket 17 days ago to support about this problem. Not too long after there was a post trendy made about "returning players missing shards". I filled out the google form with my info hoping to be rolled back to hopefully get my hundreds of shards back as well as my hypershards from mastery. The rollback was supposed to be about a week after the form was posted. I logged in every once in a while to check if the rollback had happened or not. When I logged in I noticed there was mail. I had gotten one C1-C6 shard pack + one mythical defender pack in the mail which was the compensation trendy mentioned, but no rollback actually happened for me. Some other people mentioned they hadn't gotten rollback yet either on the forums so I was hoping they were in the same boat as me. It was 11 days later that I decided to write another ticket since my previous one was not being answered. My new ticket was answered within 3 hours of writing it but support told me "your account has already been rolled back". I can assure you this is not true. I still have no shards on any of my characters and there is no hypershards anywhere in my inventory. Either I was not rolled back or I was not rolled back far enough to fix the problem. For example when trendy revamped the shards back in march thats probably when my shards I had equipped and in relics got deleted, I would need to be rolled back 4-5 months. If I was only rolled back a few days it wont solve the problem. Does any other returning player still have a problem with missing shards? Can Trendy please look into my account to see that I have no hypershards to prove to you that this is still an issue. I have already contacted support but they think the problem is solved when in reality nothing happened. Taking this issue to the forums is the only option I have left.
  5. Hello, is there anyone from trendy who can help me with the rollback? I originally submitted a ticket to support 11 days ago about missing shards. I filled out the google form regarding my steam and wanting a rollback. When the rollback was supposed to happen I logged in to check but the rollback never happened for me. The only thing I got was c1-6 shard pack in the mail. Support has not responded to my ticket for a week now and I dont know what to do. The ticket is "Request#26694" can anyone from trendy check that my ticket has not fallen between the cracks? [[181582,users]] The reason I want a rollback is because I had over 100 shards in my inventory that are all gone ontop of the shards and hypershards that were in my gear. I would really like to get most of my shards back since I probably had enough to make multiple gilded shards on release of the patch. I am in a situation worse than starting from scratch because I have 0 shards and will never be able to get hypershards again.
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