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  1. thats fair and to be honest PSN has been acting weird the past week or so, so i cant tell if its just been issues with that or what but i've crashed far too often lately for me to bother playing right now which sucks, i just unlocked the barbarian and wanted to play with him >.< Edit: So after psn finally fixed its issues my game has frozen over 6 times in just the past half hour so im not sure if its just my game is bugged somehow or if the recent patches messed it up in some way
  2. anyone else having issues with this on the ps4? for the past week my game has been freezing completely at random forcing me to restart or just give up for a while and try again.
  3. XD i did go straight to adventures after clearing the butchered campaign but it just seems like a massive waste from my point of view since i actually spent time looking around the stages and actually observing things and all the small details they put into stuff. i dont care about rushing to end game, that just seems even more pointless and boring to me then going through a campaign with a bunch of hidden little things here and there. its not like the gameplay suffered from the campaign being longer, as you got farther the levels still felt hectic and fun as hell so i just dont see any real reason to just shortening it. just sounds like people whining and complaining about people having better gear then them because they havent finished the campaign
  4. i'll have to correct myself after playing the "campaign" through again, its not really just forcing new players to "git gud" since it does seem balanced decently enough if you are playing with people, not so sure on playing solo though. it is depressing to see certain things completely taken out though like the berserker boss in forest crossroads. i remember her and the other berserkers in the map being pretty difficult when i first went through but it was a bunch of fun. besides all of that though its depressing that it seems alot of people didnt try enjoying the story, there were a ton of small details throughout the original campaign like the main boss's little fishing ship can be seen in almost every level and how the noone early on actually ever died, they were just knocked out but when the harbinger throws out his plans suddenly everyones actually dead and the game takes a really dark turn and the music helps quite a bit with that feel as well. i dont know i just found all the small details added up to telling the story in a fantastic way instead of just saying hey this is whats happening yo
  5. i mean, i guess thats fun and all but i personally just dont find it all that great to just rush people to end game, they should have just improved the story and had good gameplay with a decent enough story to keep people going. the story was why i played the first dungeon defenders as well as the dungeons getting progressively stronger and i just personally enjoyed the banter between the characters in this one but oh well. to be honest it seems to me like all they did was make the enemies in the "campaign" stronger for the sake of fake difficulty to try and get people ready for the end game which personally i dont find fun or that great for new players, just seems like they're saying "git gud" when enemies are just overstat-ed by comparison to your own character. to be honest i wouldnt know for sure though since i wasnt just playing the starter characters. just seems like wasted potential in the game overall
  6. i havent played in a while and decided to just come back because of a buddy of mine that never played it so i figured i'd start a new character as well but the campaign now only goes up to betsy? is it just that the adventures supposed to finish off the campaign because if so they still removed a large portion of what the campaign used to be and i just dont see the reason for it. on ps4 by the way
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