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  1. Less weight given to resistances would help. Sometimes seems that's the thing a 'green' item has over my gear.
  2. Apologies for posting on wrong board. Yes to burning, flailing, screaming mobs! I'm liking ur ideas Black Wyvern.
  3. I think it would be cool if the final upgrade to a tower added an extra effect to that tower. Magic Missiles gain splash damage Magic Blockades take a % of health from attackers Fireball Towers sets enemies on fire (maybe it can spread to nearby mobs) Lightning Towers reduce enemies lightning resistance per damage tick Deadly Strikers do 2x damage every 10th shot Ensnare Auras stop 1 small mob completely Electric Aura same as tower Healing Aura insta-revive a hero that dies (on a CD) Strength Drain slows enemies attack speed Enrage Aura - enemies all get a 'thorns' effect
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