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  1. It´s actually pretty hassle free after a couple of resets. Especially if you have decent min asc and a gameplan. I'm working on this now. My first reset was so not hassle free! But i reset right at 65, so that sucked.
  2. It’s happened to me more times than I care to count. Always seems to happen wave 5 last map.
  3. The cost greatly outweighs the benefits. Unless you have 2 accounts, one to just carry the other through constant resets. That would make it worth it and more efficient.
  4. I agree. I also farmed c1 for a good 11 maps and zero destruction. That is rediculous
  5. I’ve played since the game was I beta and I really feel this update was a huge success. I really hope they don’t change it again, with another update next year, likke usual.
  6. Thanks for the help... So do you feel fire is a wasted mod slot or does it have bennifits?
  7. This wasn’t fun to hear, I am on 79. I figured they dropped as often as all the rest.
  8. Trying to decide what mods I should replace in my PDT’s... I have a perfect piercing, 1 bar fire and 25% Defense rate. I haven’t seen what fire does other than look cool on the tower. Would you replace that with power?
  9. Once you pass floor 65 and assension 250, go to the green guy in town, and you can prestige if you wish.. everything will be reset and you will gain one point of ancient power. 1 point everytime you prestige.
  10. Is there a way to use more than one?
  11. Will try that thanks. Still need to get my hands on a viscous strikes.
  12. That's exactly what I'm running, but i was taking up DU with walls. Going to try without.
  13. You are still finding power transfer useful? I'm glad i didn't get rid of mine then.
  14. I'll be trying this tonight. Any suggestions on shards/mods? DS, DR, Destruction? Do you use any walls? Yeah, spike blockades. Start at 6.2 mil health I think. Thanks. I was asking about walls because i run out of DU with that set up. Extra nodes sounds like it makes up the difference.
  15. I'll be trying this tonight. Any suggestions on shards/mods? DS, DR, Destruction? Do you use any walls?
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