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  1. I love all of your ideas and feel they would be a great for this game mode. I hope the devs take your thoughts into consideration. ❤
  2. i agree. i wish the pet skill was automatic, as it would save time and be more helpful to me. The time it takes to activate it usually results in less help than keeping the attack button held down will do. Apart from removing DAs on command, i largely feel the pet skills being activated by a 2-button command is not something i utilize much or enjoy. I couldn't agree more! The activation time is a nuisance and I find myself just manually killing enemies more than using my pets. An automatic feature would be nice! :-)
  3. Cross platform progression would be awesome and I would enjoy being able to play on both platforms! I hope this is something we will see in the near future.
  4. Yeah, PSN is having issues right now so many people are reporting crashes. I agree that even before the issues today the game crashes have been consistent. I would crash at least once a day so I do hope they will fix that.
  5. This use to happen a lot to me when I played onslaught. I was hoping this would be fixed but I guess it's still a problem. Hopefully they will fix it soon
  6. 4 hours but it depends on if I'm playing solo or with friends 😊
  7. I am so happy to hear about the freezes being minimal. That was one of the biggest things I hoped would be fixed. I didn't know that keeping your bags empty also affects that. When I do play I will make sure to clean up my inventory. I am so excited to play now! 
  8. I think the biggest issue for me when I was playing were the game crashes on console. There was one day I crashed 3 times on lost temple and had to restart the same floor ☹ I was so frustrated and upset because by that point I invested 2 hours to just get past one floor due to the constant crashes. I really hope when I play again they work on that ❤
  9. I 100% agree ☹ I love meeting new people in matches and making new friends to play with but once you get past a certain floor or ascension no one ever joins because there is a small percentage of players that actually have achieved the same floor because it takes so much time. I am also one of the few that hasn't achieved ancient power because it would make sense to just push floors first to increase my base ascension after restart but it's so lonely ☹ I hope they fix this to ❤
  10. I would love to see this as well because I can't count how many times I have gotten a new weapon that is better but has a hideous appearance. I just keep grinding until I find something better looking 😂
  11. This is so exciting! I hope you get all the costumes you want. I really want to get the barbarian when I get back in game. He is awesome and looks really cool. I also heard he is a great DPS character. I currently use the Gunwitch for that but I also love the squire's game play. I really am excited to see what new costumes they have came out with.
  12. Oh yes, the PS2HD for FF11, i remember that. Good points. Issue here is that FF11 did not do that great on PS2. if they don't rake in the $$$, no one wants to invest in it further. In a sense, that game put crossplay further out of reach, while also breaking down the initial walls. I think for me - the bigger picture i was kind of going for was for all of gamers on all systems to collectively demand that these artificial walls be torn down (some day waaaay in the future). If we make it clear we all want it - it will happen. In the age of the internet and a smartphone in everyone's pocket, it makes less and less sense to have these walls. I'd love to see a day where you say the word "crossplay" and have to explain it to a new generation of gamers, because they grew up without any such digital walls ever in place. So much legal and technological red tape to get there though... (insert old man voice here) "Back in my day, you could only play with people on the same machine in your house" "NO WAY GRANDPA, TELL US MORE ABOUT THE OLD DAYS. WHAT IS A ROTARY PHONE EXACTLY?" 😂😂😂 rotary phone
  13. Thanks for your response 😊 I have to wait 30 days but then after that I can play again. I definitely learned my lesson and won't let him play anymore. It sucks but it just gives me more time to finally beat farcry 5. I have already beat faith so I have plenty of time to progress on there. Thanks for the explanation though. I can't wait to play DD2 again though😋
  14. This is really cool. I will definitely check it out soon 😊
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