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  1. XP and GOLD (DD2) event active again? what data?
  2. XP and GOLD event active again? what data?
  3. - você poderia criar algo que oficialize essa lista aqui, eu nunca posso ter a sua certeza sobre qual é o monstro de sua categoria até hoje ... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ONuUAUofbdaav4GUVvWy69CLEatFalT73mGuhhLaXJg/edit#gid=0 - cacos empilháveis? a mere dream... - to improve the connection? there are days that I brake, freeze, fall from the serve, at least seven times in a row before being able to play a smooth game. ( "your Brazilian internet is a !@#$"... explain me then why not the same happens when I play Fallout 76 and State of decay 2 ... ) and regardless of anything, I would like to thank you for your work, to say that I spend gems, since the game is free, so I try to instill your work.
  4. It's ridiculous, there are days when you can not play! I play only the night in my region, and there are days that do not give, it's fall falling, today is one of those days, 12 tries, 3 to 5 minutes online, the game crashes, it locks the audio, and it closes everything.
  5. the rate of sale in the store SUCKS, if I put the price too high (for lack of information), the item will stay forever la a does not want me to destroy it or reset ... and worse, that rate will not to no one! if at least it had a guild system, where the top rank is with% of that economy.
  6. [[166314,users]] the problem is a thousand times known, years of play, and you still want what? print ?! hahahaha
  7. [[166314,users]] When are you guys going to officiate a list of this?? --'
  8. I would like [[166314,users]] to be more specific with this explanation, not just a mere ten words ...is there any other topic that explains this more clearly? with clear and true information? eu gostaria que o [[166314,users]] fosse mais especifico com essa explicação, não apenas meras dez palavras... existe algum outro topico que explique isso de forma mais clara? com informações claras e verdadeiras?
  9. 500 GEMAS GRATUITAS ainda disponíveis? https://gleam.io/I0sJh/dungeon-defenders-free-gems Eu tentei uma vez, quando eu coloquei meu nome e e-mail, o site não salvou e agora diz "Você atingiu o valor máximo de reclamações". Is this promotion still working? I do not find any official posts here ....
  10. How do I get the "defense council cosmetics"? It's still possible?
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