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  1. BUY: - Piercer Servo 10 - Heathly Power Chip 10 Gloves - Heathly Power Chip 10 Chest - Damage Buff Chip 10 Chest XBOX - Mihawk6232
  2. All Anti Mods Changed scaling to additive. someone explain better? I could not understand...
  3. it seems that here on the forum there is only player helping player, if it wasn't for the update, I would say that this game is abandoned... answering your question: it happened here too, but I don't use a second controller, I use an app as a controller. so sometimes when I'm going to try to enter the second account by pressing start, from that same message. how did I solve this?: - Restart your Xbox or game and try to open it again. - Before turning on the second control or app, enter the two accounts you want to use using the main control (switch accounts).these were the two ways I
  4. que grande saco de merda vocês conseguiram fazer !? meses sem atualização e você traz? apenas nerfs?! essa foi a equipe que eles designaram para DD2?! (estagiários!?) - ah não, tem um novo bichinho, "acabou de mudar de cor", pelo amor de Deus, pague um design para fazer algo decente! realmente as mudanças no meu ponto de vista foram muito negativas, espero que sua equipe seja formada em breve, então estou ansioso para a próxima atualização em um ano para ver se algo realmente melhora. PS: o lawta foi menos pior hahahaha!
  5. XP and GOLD event active again? what data?
  6. It's ridiculous, there are days when you can not play! I play only the night in my region, and there are days that do not give, it's fall falling, today is one of those days, 12 tries, 3 to 5 minutes online, the game crashes, it locks the audio, and it closes everything.
  7. the rate of sale in the store SUCKS, if I put the price too high (for lack of information), the item will stay forever la a does not want me to destroy it or reset ... and worse, that rate will not to no one! if at least it had a guild system, where the top rank is with% of that economy.
  8. [[166314,users]] the problem is a thousand times known, years of play, and you still want what? print ?! hahahaha
  9. [[166314,users]] When are you guys going to officiate a list of this?? --'
  10. I would like [[166314,users]] to be more specific with this explanation, not just a mere ten words ...is there any other topic that explains this more clearly? with clear and true information? eu gostaria que o [[166314,users]] fosse mais especifico com essa explicação, não apenas meras dez palavras... existe algum outro topico que explique isso de forma mais clara? com informações claras e verdadeiras?
  11. 500 GEMAS GRATUITAS ainda disponíveis? https://gleam.io/I0sJh/dungeon-defenders-free-gems Eu tentei uma vez, quando eu coloquei meu nome e e-mail, o site não salvou e agora diz "Você atingiu o valor máximo de reclamações". Is this promotion still working? I do not find any official posts here ....
  12. How do I get the "defense council cosmetics"? It's still possible?
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