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  1. Nah sorry nor sony fault, but i have the same issue since your hotfix patch now i cannot play lol? Are you still running into this? I've heard some users running into this, and contacting PSN support to get this issue resolved if it continues.
  2. I found often 4-5 bar mods with a lot farm time lol,All about RNG but those perfect mods should nor easy to get.
  3. I cant wait carnival coming back i got a plenty tickets to spend from 2 year ago lol
  4. Oh ok i see,funny gift tho loll As far as I know, we're not able to, though I'm looking into any improvements we can make. Our forums are done by a third party, so we cannot make immediate changes ourselves.
  5. [[166314,users]] Is time to add captcha anti bot for to new account.
  6. On road map i dont see any new hero near soon.
  7. Nor only onslaught the problem but anywhere for me lol,the other day my game crash in town lol...
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