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  1. 2 coal on tread 2, 2 coal on tread 4, 5 coal on cat 2, 5 coal on cat 3, 1 cube on the hyper rifle
  2. 2 coal on treadmill 1, 2 coal on treadmill 3, 1 cube on fusion rift 1
  3. Its bold and orange above current bids, i missed it too
  4. Im looking for cubes more than event items so 60cv still stands as top offer
  5. cubes or coal are eccepted. Diamonds 5/10/15, msg me about events. coals 8:1 cubes, mana = 0, if i am not happy with highest bid i will keep the right to keep the item Im looking for cubes more than event items so highest bid may not be the one i choose starting bid = 5 cubes add me on steam to claim your stuff bid in last 24 hours icrease end date by 24 hours https://imgur.com/a/6IN5SNT Ult++ mail boots (dps/AB2) current offer = 20cv hypernut101 https://imgur.com/a/OiHjuf7 Ult++ leather helm (tower) current offer = 61cv Herr Jeol https://imgur.com/a/MIMDip8 Ult+ mail helm (dps/AB2) 3cv ILOVEC
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