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  1. hey so I have an idea for onslaught. have scaling defender medals. after floor 30 every 5 maybe 10 floors you get 3-4 more defender medals
  2. Compound that with the fact that since dust became a thing this very idea of "using dust to buy a specific shard" has been posted on the forums in between 10-30 different threads. Repeating an idea with not much in changes from the original threads aside from price isn't getting anywhere. have the devs replied to any of those threads?
  3. yea I have not purchased any bags nor the mat vault (which should be free but whatever) this is why I made the idea of making the 7 dusts items 1 item. I think I get what your saying allow us to change all our dust into one item
  4. Locking them behind gear score wouldn't remove the issue. You could still farm C1 shards with your C7 gear much faster than you can farm C7 shards. The dust tiers have to stay. I could agree to buying lower tier shards with higher tier dust though. okay maybe the shards could cost 20-30 dust from that tier if people are saying 10 is to low so 1 destruction would cost 20 c1 dust and a deadly strikes would cost 20 c3 dust
  5. I see "basic" shards as anything that increase the basics these include Tower/hero HP, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Rate and defense range would be included in this and maybe raise the starting price to 20. but what I am proposing. have all shards that increase stats be buy-able and remove them from the pool completely. leave shards that augment the tower or hero to drop like normal. Shards like Celestial Attunement, Big Boy or for towers Heavy Cannonball maybe I dont see the issue with guiding because its not something I am concerned about, I also agree that 10 is a bit much for a ran
  6. It would be nice to actually choose what shard you would want instead of random packs. Lets expand on this idea: You said basic shards, do you think this idea could apply to harder shards? e.g Defence Rate? Are you changing the tiers of the shard dust? Are you combining all the shard dust tiers into one? Let's say you're farming Chaos 1 to get the shard "Destruction", in theory you can play 7 games to buy 1 Destruction, if you continue to farm its about 57 games (without breaking your streak) to get 10 Destruction shards which I highly doubt someone would do. Lets say you do 7 games per day,
  7. hey just had a conversation in the DD2 discord about being able to buy shards directly with dust, im talking about the basic shards like defense power, crit defense range etc. we seemed to all agree at 10 dust for one shard and going up from there either depending on shard or chaos level.
  8. I would like the ability to buy TOWER shards DIRECTLY instead of gambling its not fun not being able to use all of my hero because of lack of shards and for prices or costs have them cost shard dust this makes it so we still have to play the game but be able to get the shards we need instead of relying on luck
  9. I would love to see us be able to buy shards with shard dust I think its silly not being able to use other characters because im missing copy of shards I would want to be able to mix and match towers but I cant because I dont have the shards I need
  10. I feel like it would be beneficial to the game if shard pack were split into two different packs, its super annoying farming for tower shards to only to keep getting hero shards or farming for hero shards and only getting tower shards I don't know if this is anyone else's experience but its really starting to get on my nerves so please consider splitting shard packs into hero and tower packs Thanks for taking the time to read this have a nice day EDIT: being able to buy shards with shard dust would be nice
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