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  1. How do you obtain these? People i meet who owns them, tend to say they have been donated the pets so they have no idea, sick of asking everyone i meet. I was also fooled to think i got the crystal core from Arcane Library survival wave 30 complete, this was not the case, i ended up with a skeleton on a treadmill...
  2. Hey plane, i downloaded the emulator you posted, in late may, it worked for about a week with problems until i went on DD the day after and it wouldnt let me activate player 2,3 and 4. I tried deleting the game and download it again, re-installing the emulator, verifying the steam files and manually copying the files. I have also tired multiple other emulators, verifying the steam files between every attempt. Been trying to change to an emulator where you need controllers, ran into some trouble there too, but that was more of a plan b if none of this worked. Is there anything i might have missed, is the problem maybe that i have windows 10 pro? Did a patch for either DD or the emulator release in that time? (29.05.18-05.06.18) ... and if so, wouldnt re-installing the emulator fix this? (Including deleting old emulator files and veryfing the steam files) Thank you for the help.
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