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  1. It was Glitterhelm Caverns. I just tried it again. I encounter the issue in the top wing (across the long bridge). It seems to be working fine in the other 2 wings and in the central area, but the issue persists in that north wing. I just tried it in Endless Spires with no problems either.
  2. I noticed that summoning minons in summoner overlord mode is broken. I have 3 minions hotkeyed and when I hit a hotkey, no minion appears and yet it seemingly allows me to place it. It uses up the appropriate amount of mana and minion units, but no minion is visible. It also won't allow me to remove the minon as it doesn't show up in the removal screen, so there's no way to regain mana or MU. I used the feature the day before so I'm sure it's a bug that happened with the update. It'd be great if it could be fixed with the next update. Thanks so much!!!
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