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  1. I agree that controlled burn lanes are not a big issue for me. But I also agree that PDT is the only off-the-shelf defense that is reliable for them. Everything else requires a mod, or a shard, or corruption form, etc. I would certainly not mind if burning were added to the list of “controlled” effects. But i am more interested in seeing another method of application that is reliable and effective. Meaning, I wish we had a competitive option to the PDT. This could be achieved through the addition of another controlled status. Or it could be accomplished by tweaking a defense, mod, or shard. For example, if slow were added to the list, proton beams would be very competitive. If the geyser trap applied drench in a faster and more reliable fashion, it would have a reason for being. Again, these lanes are certainly not insurmountable. But I do find myself only using PDTs. A comparable option would be welcome.
  2. Drath, I use dem Bees on most maps (Onslaught 150). And I do not use melee boom. I’m not against melee boom. I’ve just never tried it. (This thread is making me believe I have missed the boat in this regard.) My thinking was to keep Bees as they are: specced against fewer enemies. So, if the lane has a high enemy count, I pair the Bees up with auras or rams or whatever. Like you, I find that other defenses can deliver just as much damage as the Bees. And, for the record, I don’t think Bees are game breaking. I don’t think they NEED to be nerfed. However, if forced to choose one defense that is most deserving of a nerf, I would have to choose the Bees.
  3. I would play the heck out of this! Mastery was by far my favorite mode. And this seems like never-ending, player-driven Mastery challenges WITH MAXIMUM ASCENSION! This would be so amazing!
  4. As a blanket bonus, I would like to see increased defender medals in the same vein as gold and experience. I LOVE your idea of Aggro Reduction as a category. I like the idea of Tenacity as well. Additionally, I would go crazy for a category that allowed me to another Hyper Shard. Perhaps, each AP spent in this category would reset masteries and allow me to get them all again. Or maybe there is simply a Vicious Strikes category, and I can spend an AP to get one. (I realize this is a long shot. I am just spitballing ideas.)
  5. Unfortunately not on my end. I haven’t seen a destruction, deadly strike, or def rate in ages. 😟 Lord knows I could use about 70 more of each. I have gilded numerous of the less relevant shards. But not a single one of the aforementioned (necessary) shards.
  6. Hulky, The right combination of shards and mods, with C7 relics, can get you well over 600k dps flame auras and a couple million dps earth shatters. I would start with Destruction and Def Rate as necessary shards. The third shard can be Vampiric Empowerment for more dps, or something more flavorful. Don’t forget to improve your shards all the way up to their maximum level! This alone, on a 45k defense power relic, should get you around the dps numbers referenced above. I recommend the attack rate mod and the melee mod for general usage. This formula should be enough to get through expeditions and quite a bit of Onslaught.
  7. Welcome back, Vim! I believe there are actually nine different tiers of quality: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, . . . 4.5, and perfect 5. I have noticed more of the lesser powered mods than higher powered, in the order you would expect, with a perfect green being very rare. While I am fine with the frequency of drops and rarities, I think the distribution of power between the tiers is horribly uneven. Specifically, the difference in effect between a bottom 1 tier and a 4.5 tier are negligible. While the difference in effect from 4.5 to 5 is huge. So, in practice, there are only two levels of quality: maximum perfect 5.0, and then everything else. Thus, it is NOT worthwhile to constantly upgrade from tier 1 to tier 2 to tier3 to tier 4. Instead, I only upgrade an existing mod with a perfect green. Other than the distribution of effects between tiers, I find the mods to be a great addition to the game.
  8. To directly answer the op, I think hyper shards SHOULD be protected against resets. You only have one of each, so protection would not trivialize the reset process. Also, protection would be further incentive for people to go get the hyper shards in the first place. As others have mentioned, a lack of protection means no one is going to use the hyper shards during AP grinds. Thus, without protection, a player aiming towards the AP grind might be detered from ever pursuing hyper shards. I don’t think we want one end-game route to be antithetical from another end-game route. I think the game is better when one avenue synergizes with the other.
  9. Very impressive! I knew I was dawdling and taking my time during Onslaught. But I had no idea just how slow I really am! Looks like I need to get a shocking revelation mod and start using WM. Thanks for posting.
  10. I cannot speak for everyone, but I have spent myself into the poorhouse by gilding shards. At 2million a pop, gilding can wreck your bank account. Also, ancient power resets can cost a lot because you have to re-upgrade all your shards. As for defense rate shards, they are found in C4. And it is just a matter of RNG to get them. They are worth the effort.
  11. Just ran Liferoot Forest, and the minimap stayed on the whole time. Oh, yeah.
  12. Omg, Pegazul! I freaking love this. You have made my day. I’m about to farm some C7 with arcane blockades. This made me laugh so hard. Thank you!
  13. Ah, you are so right! My Shatter Quake mod made it difficult to see the difference of the shard. But once I switched to a relic without that mod, the differences were easily noticed. Thank you again, kind sir!
  14. Thanks for the reply. I assume then that 280 refers to the range of the radius. And that isn’t bad. I’ll have to try it out. The target dummies don’t show any real effect of the shard. I will throw it down on a lane and see how it does. Thanks again.
  15. My apologies if this has already been addressed. But can anyone tell me what the “gains 280 damage radius” effect from Earth Toss does for you? I thought it might expand the width of the shatter tower cone. But the visual doesn’t seem any different with testing.
  16. I think Pfogshooter found the source of concern. I will keep testing to confirm. But It appears that enemies from the Controlled Burn lanes are immune to Starfall. I noticed it on rollers first because they are usually the only thing I bust out the Starfall on. I have also found that the resistance applies to every enemy from the Controlled Burn lane. Regular melee attacks seem to work fine. But the suped-up-AP-Starfall was not even killing goblins and vanguards, let alone minibosses. I don’t think it was this way before the Protean Shift. And I don’t think it is supposed to be this way now. I’ll submit a bug report. Thanks for your input, guys!
  17. Direnels, thanks for the link! This guy is amazing. Simon B videos were the proof I needed to know it can be done solo. I hope these vids help you guys.
  18. I thought that might be it as well. But it would be one heck of a coincidence that every roller in Onslaught lately had that mutator. That’s why I came here to ask But that could be it. Thanks for the reply!
  19. Has anyone noticed a drastically reduced effect of the Dryad’s starfall ability in Onslaught? When playing Chaos 7 Expeditions, this ability absolutely wrecks a roller in two shots. But in Onslaught, it seems to have no effect at all. I don’t mean a reduced effect. I mean zero effect. Is this a feature? A bug? Am I just imagining it?
  20. I just wanted to put in my $0.02. I LOVE mastery mode! It is by far my favorite. I have over 700 stars. I got them all solo. And I have not-so-immediate plans to eventually get the rest of the stars. It was a kick in the teeth to get going on them. And many of those challenges took me days to figure out. But these forums were a great source (shout out to Jaws in particular). The mighty Juicebags was a big help. And Simon B videos were an awesome resource as well. I hope you all stick with them. I find them to be the most fun and most challenging.
  21. I like it a lot. I have the mod with only one red bar, and it was sufficient. Are Harpies my go-to Tower? Not by a long shot. But the mod does make them serviceable. I found the newly modded harpies to be of great value in mastery mode. Particularly when Equal Opportunity was required.
  22. I use def rate, def range, and controller. I am very happy with their performance. I can usually get a single SGT to handle multiple flier lanes.
  23. Thank you! That’s exactly what I was hoping for.
  24. The controller servo mod adds damage to crowd controlled enemies. If I put this mod on a sky guard tower, which innately slows enemies, will this mod effectively increase the damage of everything the tower is attacking? Asked another way, does the slow effect from the SGT count as a crowd control which triggers the mod?
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