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  1. Maybe I am missing a piece of the puzzle. I thought the math on shard drop rates was pretty heinous. For example, if you wanted a particular shard, which is one of 55 shards in that chaos tier, then it is reasonable that you need 40+ shard packs to have a decent chance of getting the one you wanted. Gilding that shard means 400 shard packs. Gilding all three shards for one defense puts you over a thousand shard packs. Figuring the required shard packs for six fully gilded defenses puts us into an astronomical number of shard packs. Is this not right? Is there an easier way? Will spending defender medals on shard packs really reduce these figures down to a manageable level? My questions are not rhetorical. I am genuinely interested in finding a better way. Any insight is appreciated.
  2. I love this idea. I have seen it pitched before. And I hope it gains some traction. This would help alleviate some of the shard grind as well as the Onslaught gold drain.
  3. I agree that blockades need some love. My wishlist is a mile long. But here are my top two suggestions. I would love to see the arcane barrier get reduced DU; it seems objectively worse than other walls. Also, I think the tree needs to be either a viable wall, or simply a tax on Dryad defenses. If the former, give it the enemy attraction of other walls or maybe a broader base. If it is simply going to be a tax, reduce the DU and make it a trap or aura that blocks nothing and can’t be destroyed. Since I know the devs have more ideas than time, I’d be more than happy to settle for plain ole increased blockade health. If scaling across tiers is a concern, I recommend increasing the amount of defense health that comes from ascension points. This would keep minimal buffs to players initially progressing through the chaos tiers; and progressively bigger buffs on the high-end, late game floor pushers.
  4. I actually like the canon ogre damage against heroes. His ability to one-shot from a distance me makes this boss feel unique to me. I hope he stays this way. I do think that blockades should stand up to the canon ogre a little bit better. But I would rather see blockades get a boost than the canon ogre get nerfed. Blockades seem to be underwhelming in general.
  5. Lol Rusty. Flame Auras do just fine for me too. To OP: I go with dem Bees. For physical damage, they are as good as it gets in my book. Also, the Huntress’s exploding trap was recently buffed in terms of both damage and range. It is physical damage, IIRC. I have not personally given it a fair shake yet. But you might find it useful.
  6. I love everything proposed here by Cymmina. I hope these types of changes can be be put into the works.
  7. Rentard, I never used to put anything behind my blockades. But now I do. And that seems to take care of him. Last night, I purposely let him get to my blockade just to watch him swing on it a couple times. I think he could’ve destroyed my puny little tree with four hits. I’m pretty sure that is in the realm of five seconds or so. (This was floor 42.) Certainly, Capt DB is not an insurmountable foe, by any means. But he made me change my setup. I really like that we each find different bosses more menacing than others. That, to me, is a sign of good game design.
  8. Lol. I am dying to know what’s in your flame aura. Mine is throwing down 800k dps at tier 1. And once I’m into floor 40 and up, the Captkeeps me on my toes.
  9. Right now, it seems like many of the current forum threads could be taken as criticism, complaints, or negative feedback. (Bugs, farming woes, inventory management, etc. ) I’m glad that those things get communicated. But I wanted to take a minute and give some positive feedback as well. I LOVE CAPTAIN DREADBONES! I had become pretty nonchalant about the mini bosses during my AP Resetathon. I no longer paid attention to ogres, Gribbly, Quibly, and the rest. I would sometimes wake up to throw a Starfall on a siege roller. But the only one I really looked out for was the Yeti. And he was no deal breaker. I have a renewed respect for minibosses since they recruited Capt DB. He is fast, hits hard, and has decent health. He is like a Gnash the Flame that always makes it past my auras and Bees. If I don’t jump on him, he will take my blockades down pretty quickly. I love him! I love his look. I love the sound effect when he enters the dungeon. I love his death animation. I love his challenge. He’s the best. Thanks for bringing him aboard! P.S. the canon ogre is pretty cool too. 😆
  10. Can confirm. I play with my son via split screen on Xbox. The last week or so has been characterized by the Error 9009 message. Some days, we can exit with the second player, and then sign right back in. Some days, we have to forget it altogether.
  11. You cannot let the 30 seconds count down or else you will fail the challenge. You need to start the wave without failing the challenge. You’ll see. It just happens naturally.
  12. One of the most difficult mastery challenges has just been neutered. The Think Fast challenge is moot now that we have a Retry from Last Wave option. If you manage to get some, but not all, of your defenses down in the 30 seconds, just fail the wave. Then, retry from last wave. All your defenses will remain in place, and you will get an additional 30 seconds to put down the remainder. And this does NOT cost you the star. I repeat, this does NOT count as failing the challenge.
  13. My apologies if this has already been posted. But when I hit a canon ogre with a corrupted star fall, the ogre gets launched into the sky. Like, way higher than an earth toss. His landing is either right back where he was or a buggy teleport further down his path. Just letting the devs know.
  14. Do we have the formula to chart out target floors for each reset? I.e., What floor would we need to reach for our 20th reset? How about our 30th? 40th? 53rd?
  15. BOOM!!! This is music to AP-Resetting ears! Thanks, Lawlta!
  16. in the old AP system, as soon as I hit a certain champion score and beat a C7 map, floor 55 automatically unlocked. Is there a corresponding floor unlock feature in the new system? Probably not, but I needed to ask.
  17. When comparing the old AP grind to the new, am I correct that it is going to be harder? In the old system, I had to beat floors 55 through 65. That was 27 different maps. And those 27 maps never got any harder. In the new system, I will need to beat 30 maps. And they will get harder with each reset. Is this correct?
  18. I believe Thorg’s goblin inventor needs to be a reality! This little guy sounds fun to play. I would love it if he got the same voice as the siege roller goblin. 😆
  19. Everything in this thread is GOLD! These are fantastic ideas!
  20. This! ^ I finally took the plunge about 10 days ago, and I made my first AP reset. I’ve reset a couple more times since then. And I am facing the bleak reality of about 67 more resets. I am using the fewest combination of characters and defenses in order to keep the costs down. If I want to use a lot of different defenses, it begins to cost too much and slow down the reset process. I fought hard to get every single hypershard (solo and pre-protean). But I won’t use any of them for another 67 resets because they cost 2 million to upgrade. This is roughly the same price as upgrading 8 normal shards.
  21. I have been on the fence about this for some time as well. I’m at ascension 800, floor 170. Everyday, I stare at the reset button and think about pressing it. So far, I’ve decided to abstain until we have all the details of the upcoming changes.
  22. At this point, ANY use for C7 dust is welcome in my book. I have to recycle dust into shards just to dust them again in order to get them out of my inventory.
  23. Thorg, I agree with everything you just said! Yours is a very well thought out list. I haven’t used the volcano since I finished the mastery challenges. The 100 du is insurmountable for me. I never knew why the world tree had a fiddly upgrade system. That kinda makes sense if it came with range boosts. I find all passive traps (those that wait for mobs to walk on them) to be rather underwhelming. They are just outclassed by auras, towers, nodes, and the more active traps. Maybe I just haven figured out how to set them properly. But they could definitely use something to make them more appealing. I would love to have some purpose for all the shard dust piling up, especially C7 dust.
  24. I love both of these beautiful ideas: stacking shards and the gild-as-you-go process! Anything to reduce the four full bank tabs of shards is a welcome implementation!
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