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  1. Yeah, once ignited, he crumples quick. But give him a minute to showcase the frosty globe. It delivers an awesome looking hero-killing effect.
  2. This seems to do the trick. Thanks!
  3. I was knocking out my daily quests and I encountered our new miniboss: The Drakenfrost Lord. First of all, he looks AWESOME! I think I fought this guy in dark souls. And just like in that game, he one shotted me a few times, so I’m hoping you guys can help me disect him here. From what I can tell, he has a globe of frost around him. I think it damages towers that it touches. And if it touches you, you get slowed. If it touches you for more than a couple seconds, you get frozen and executed Dark Souls style ( it’s worth seeing. 😆 ) Also, he takes almost no damage while his globe is up. I think it is less than siege rollers take. Once the globe goes down, my defenses took care of him just fine. But that took a long time. I’m still trying to find out: how do we get his globe to go down? Please share any info you learn. Please correct anything I’ve gotten wrong. All info is welcome.
  4. I know Trendy likes to do maintenance and patches on Tuesday. Check to see if you have an update that needs to be installed. I am not in a position to verify that one was pushed today. So this is only a suggestion.
  5. I’m with you, Bigredmonster. I just got mine two days ago. I’ve been farming hard since Protean. It felt pretty good to get it. But I would have preferred a system of constant progress toward the goal instead of the lottery system that we have. Nonetheless, I’m having a great time with it! I find great satisfaction in stuffing cybork spawn points with flame aura and watching them melt. It feels like justice. Or retribution. Either way, I’m lovin it!
  6. This was the source of my confusion and error! Previously, I thought having two stuns provided resilience to Dim Rets. Instead, having two stuns makes the defense more susceptible to Dim Rets. Zombiewookie, thank you for correcting me on this!
  7. While any non-elemental AOE defenses can get the water or storm mod, only the weapon man can stack that on top of an already existing stun: shocking revelation. Dont the two methods provide some relief from the diminishing returns? Isnt the weapon man less affected by dim rets because it has two types of stuns?
  8. You are absolutely correct about the Onslaught mutators which counter the weapon man. And I do not really believe any single defense can defeat all lanes of all floors of Onslaught. However, I still maintain that the water mod plus shocking rev mod combo is a serious double dip. I also maintain that this is by far the best CC ( with good dps, I might add). And finally, I assert that weapon man would be closer to par without the shock revelation mod. I would be very interested to know what you think is actually better than weapon man in its current state.
  9. On a more serious note: I recognize that we are still very early into this update. This is a time for gathering info and evaluating results. I appreciate the never ending effort from TE. I know you will consider this piece of feedback in conjunction with all the others. And I expect the balance of defenses to continue shifting. My opinion is that Dim Rets is a nerf to all CC. However, instead of leveling the playing field, it exaggerated the Weapon Man superiority. Stated differently, Dim Rets makes only the strongest CC still viable. And, especially with the water mod, Weapon Man is definitely the strongest CC. I believe the shocking revelation mod is still at the heart of the problem. Weapon Man has been in a class of its own ever since shocking revelation was implemented. I know it is tantamount to heresy in some circles to say this, but I believe Weapon Man would survive and thrive without shocking revelation. And the game would be the better for it.
  10. Okay, Trendy. I give up. You win. I’ll go ahead and start using the weapon manufacturer. I have resisted it for a long time. I don’t really care for how it looks or how it sounds. I am not crazy about pouring 120 du into one defense. But alas, I can no longer get around It. Now that we can put a water mod AND a shocking revelation mod on the same defense, there is just no denying it. There is nothing else that comes close. ONE DEFENSE TO RULE THEM ALL!!!
  11. If you are on Xbox, I can hook you up. I have a few stacks to spare. SELL SW0RD
  12. This is a great list! Very well thought out. And anyone who went to the trouble of testing out the geyser trap deserves an award. 😆 I would love to see all the above changes. I know you left off walls for the sake of brevity. But, I’ve got to ask: Did you consider the arcane barrier? This one actually gets the hot garbage award in my book. How would you change it?
  13. [[174624,users]] If I am digesting all that correctly, you think 1k dust is a more appropriate price tag on gilding. Fair enough. And, as always, thanks for the feedback!
  14. I disagree. Trendy could easily control how long it takes to gild shards by setting the required amount of dust for a gilding. My initial guess is that 300 dusts would keep the pace of gilding mostly unchanged. But if TE wanted it to take longer, they could set the required amount of dust higher. This is true. But I don’t think it is relavent. Consider: the Mystic is not needed to complete the game. Should we not discuss ways to improve the mystic? I made a thread to discuss an improvement to the gilding process. I accept that not everyone finds this important. If you are not interested in gilding, that’s okay with me. I hope it’s okay with you if I AM interested in it. While a better RNG is welcome, I don’t think it addresses the inventory issues that my suggestion would solve. An improved RNG would also not provide the increased fun factor of seeing constant progress.
  15. This has probably been suggested before. But what do you all think about using shard dust as the resource for gilding? So, instead collecting 10 shards of the same type, you just collect dust. If you wanted to keep gilding at the same (slow) rate, I suppose it would take about 300 dust to gild one shard. This would eliminate the need to have one hundred different shards sitting around your inventory. This would also alleviate the frustration that comes with getting shards you don’t want. Lastly, it eliminates the possibility of getting totally screwed by the RNG gods. Personally, I think the fun factor is increased when every single shard puts you closer to your goal, rather than hoping you win the shard lottery ten times over. But I understand others might prefer the lottery. What do you all think?
  16. I quit after reset 22. This does seem to be about where the effort is no longer worth it.
  17. Ever since the bee attack behavior was changed, I’ve noticed targeting problems. Sometimes the bees go after the targets furthest away; sometimes they sit idle. I had to change my main from Dryad to Monk because of it. I believe the devs are aware of the issues. I cannot recall which thread it’s in. But I want to say Lawlta indicated that they are looking at bee targeting.
  18. Thanks. It’s been a chore.
  19. Thanks, Lawlta! I know that specifics and details are unavailable right now. But just knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel is wonderful. TE rocks!
  20. Purely anecdotal evidence here. I started farming C4 exclusively about three weeks ago in an effort to gild def rate shards. I play at least 40 hours per week. I try to maximize the consecutive win bonuses. And I’m defeating maps in 7-8 minutes, wasting no time, like a machine. So far, I have managed to gild 5 def rate shards. I am going to gild one more. I estimate that it will have taken me just shy of 200 hours to get 6 gilded def rates. I have seen enough Sandstorm Warrior shards to make me puke coat hangars. This is not a fun process. And I absolutely dread the repetition of this process for destruction shards and deadly strike shards. I began gilding just to shift gears from the AP reset process. I thought it would break the monotony. This is like jumping in the lake to avoid the rain.
  21. I think this could be a great idea! However, instead of having multiple dummies, perhaps one customizable dummy in your private tavern would be better. When I dress it up as a Cybork, it is vulnerable to anti-melee, anti-chaos, and anti-orc, mods. I recognize that this is probably not the highest priority for devs to be working on. But if it is an easy implementation (I have zero understanding of code writing), I think it could be both fun and helpful. Come on, who doesn’t want to dress up the target dummy as a lady orc and beat the snot out of it? Especially after losing a match because one of them managed to run right past all your defenses!
  22. I’ve been playing DD2 hard for about 10 months now. And I still really enjoy it. But I definitely agree with many of the sentiments here. For me, the resetathon really started to drag around AP 20 or so. The amounts of materials needed to bring your relics and gear back up to C7 is overbearing. And hypershards are a bankruptcy sentence during this process. I actually put the AP process on hold to start gilding shards. This was out of the frying pan and into the fire. I think some of the issues could be solved by eliminating waste. We could safely delete many of the useless shards and mods. We could also delete all the gear below blue quality. For the record, I still very much enjoy this game! I think I put in around 40 hours per week on it.
  23. I am more than jealous. Congrats!
  24. Exglint, thanks for the info! I’m glad to know the number of shards per tier is less than I previously thought. My experience matches up with your claim: I can get a shard gilded in about a week if I focus on it. I just wish there were an easier way. Thanks again!
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