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  1. I am looking to get my last achievement which requires completing each map with four players (medium difficulty or higher). I figured some other players out there might need the same thing. So, I figured I'd come on over here to the forums to put something together. I play on XBox, not sure if that matters. But I'd love to stomp through Etheria with a full group. Please lemme know if you are interested. Sellsword
  2. Just to chime in: I also hope this map (or at least the freeze mechanic) is removed from Onslaught. The freeze mechanic makes RNG way too significant. If the wrong lane is frozen it the wrong time, it’s insta-lose. I hate that. Perhaps if blockades were more robust, I could guarantee myself some time. But honestly, I would just rather not play this map. I agree that the freeze mechanic belongs in incursions.
  3. Must be a coincidence. I am on Xbox. And I have gotten a mob gallery every day for the last 2 weeks.
  4. I proposed this idea a month or two ago. I really hope it gains some traction. In my opinion, The ability to spend dust on a specific shard solves two big problems. For one, it makes every shard seem like a little bit of progress is made toward your goal. To me this is highly preferable to hoping you win the shard lottery. For two, I would no longer need five full bags of various shards in order to get anything gilded. Instead, I would have stacks of dust, which are much more space efficient. As to the number of dusts required in order to get a specific shard: this is a judgement call. If it
  5. This. There are a number of unusable or subpar defenses. Lets fix these before looking for something to nerf. I recognize that weapon man is perhaps the most useful defense right now. But Instead of destroying one of our best options, let’s make the competition better. Let’s focus on making water geyser a better source of drenching instead of making weapon man a worse source of drenching. I would love to see another, cheaper way to stun (or otherwise corral) berserkers. But please don’t take this one away. I personally do not like the weapon manufacturer. I don’t like piling 90 or 120
  6. Perhaps the vault tab could just be moved to the player’s inventory screen instead of sitting in the bank. This way, all mats ARE automatically put into the vault upon pickup. I have no idea if this would be technically feasible (e.g. extra memory strain). But if it is, I think it fixes the need for using regular bag space on mats as well as the need to do transferring chores.
  7. I certainly haven’t perfected it up to AFK status. But I find dryad slimes to be really helpful in taking down siege rollers. They are especially good if the roller gets stunlocked with the slime pit directly behind the roller. Two bonus points: the slime pits don’t get destroyed by roller rockets; and I usually find the healing of the nearby tree very helpful.
  8. Hello, all. I’m interested in making use of sand vipers. I’ve given them a fair shot with def rate, destruction, and deadly strikes. I’ve also tried subbing in split vipers. Thus far, it still seems like a subpar defense. Are any of you getting good results out of this tower? If so, how? Can the sand vipers be viable as an anti-flier defense? Can I spec them for minibosses to own wave 6 of Onslaught? Split vipers or no? Is their poison mod as bad as I think it is? Thanks for input!
  9. Thanks, Kambien! Do know specifically about the squire taunt ability?
  10. I’m interested in using the Damage Buff chips on my squire. Does his Taunt ability count as a buff for the purpose of the chips? How about if I have the Swift Provocation shard with it? Does the healing aura of the dryad tree count? Thanks in advance!
  11. I have the same suspicions as Jaws. I never used Automation until Drakenfrost update. Prior to that, I felt like the final prize of Mastery was very underwhelming. I suspect that turning Automation into a 100% tenacity was an intentional buff to endorse mastery, and to alleviate the burden of Drakenfrost Keep in Onslaught. It also just happened to coincide with the other changes that made 10/10 mods more attainable. I suppose only TE can confirm their intentions. But I hope it sticks around. Btw, at the cost of a shard slot, it is not as powerful as an actual 10/10 mod imo. But I love bei
  12. This. I just spent the better part of four months gilding shards. I now have a lot of gilded defense rates. There were defisome dry spells. I went over 200 shards in a row without getting a def rate. But there were also some lucky streaks. I once got two def rates in the same pack. It really is just RNG. Without a doubt, this process sucked. Bad. Like really REALLY BAD. But it was nowhere near 30k hours. I agree with MystikZ above. I wish there was a way to buy a choice shard.
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