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  1. The sheet is heavily focusing on the loot. In my opinion as a solo player the loot doesn't keep me away from playing multiplayer (but is a good addition). It's more the way how clunky it feels with 4 players when everybody has to press "g" and someone is afk and you have to wait like 30 secs every wave. Collecting all crystals if you are the builder and one is afk and so on... Give the creator of the game more control. Like enable to start waves and people who join can see what is enabled.
  2. I totally agree. For example additional party Options in which the leader can set rules like: -leader is able to kick (yes/no) -leader can start next wave (yes/no *ending game with a timer) -leader gets all green crystals, except the ones you can pick up ( yes/no) Those would fix some huge problems when opening a public game and some people join and go afk. Other times they just don't upgrade towers or you can't kick people because 2 out of 4 are afk. I would like playing more public games but it's mostly not encouraging if you have to wait every wave for everyone to click "G". Putting some additional benefits for playing in a group would be cool, like 10% or 25% more item drops for each player but not that important imo.
  3. Because he is having 13% extra crit chance on his mods, it is basically like one extra shard. you are welcome Lol Nope! In this patch Crit damage isn't counted into overall dps. So 1.2m dps + (0.468*0.50*330k)/0.3 = 1.46M+ DPS. Its just pure DPS. Add 40% damage to melee foes = 2M+ DPS to melee mobs on TIER 1 !!!! Thats three times more than i had before the patch. Now i build and go drink tea. No challenge anymore. Idk how you calculate but i think its more like: (1/0,3) * (396k + 0,438*1,5*396k) =~ 2,187m dps if u add then those servos for melee: 2,187*1,4056 = 3,074m dps
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