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  1. If you don't like reading, I made the most important part Bold To get straight to the point, we need to be making progress to our goal. With every update I am excitedly pulled back in to better my gear. The news of Chaos 8 ampoules, the new re-rolling of mods, I am drawn back to the game with the motivation to grind these out so I can finally get to the perfect gear I want. But sadly, every time, I am hit with the reality that the chances of that happening are just so ridiculously low. I'll grind onslaught floors for days, not get any C8 amps, look online and read about people going through o
  2. Yeah, increased atk rate and CC reduction. It's just broken, the only tower I use right now, isn't the most damage, but you don't need it if everything is perma stunned. Sorry for potential noob question, but what is CC reduction? Do you mean Tenacity?
  3. I'm so confused by this, I'm using the same shards and an almost equally powerful relic yet I'm getting 775k? (now 816k thanks to a fire servo MOD)
  4. Can I ask what you're using to get them to 1.2m? I have a 8,234 power medallion with defense rate, mass destruction and destruction on which is giving me the max I could manage at 775k
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