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  1. I didn't suggest brigading, I suggested leaving an honest review on Steam about what you currently think of DD:A whether that's positive or negative. It's a $2 worth skin and the I doubt that the transfer will be full (including gear) as the reason they made legacy in the first place was to get rid of the old gear
  2. If enough people do this, Chromatic may actually do something about the soft reset and price decrease. I'm not encouraging brigading with negative reviews, just leave your honest opinion on what you think and whether or not you "recommend the game" in Steam's words. You should go leave a positive review if you agree with the changes.
  3. Idk what the valuation would be but I have some cubes and coal to trade off for moonbase nmhc survival runs I can up and afk flash heal past first wave Post in here if interested so we can work out a fair valuation thanks
  4. Finally managed to complete Sky City NMHC and Moonbase NMHC - died on sky city's boss but with the help of a public lobby managed to finish it Moonbase was incredibly easy with a new build I tried - gas traps prevented enemies from doing anything at all. Unfortunately got ripped off with a 176^ Supreme Fusion Rift and a 57^ Quietus, but got a decent ult steam saw from Sky City. Thanks for the help on where to farm!
  5. The classic's I have right now is lower quality (trans, 297^) compared to later game quality ones - trying to farm an ult or sup one but I can just barely beat boss rush NMHC with one hero which makes the going slow. If you would give me something for monk that would be really appreciated, add my linked steam profile Thanks for the tip - do monks have better pet scaling than the other heroes?
  6. Currently at 3.2k hero damage on Jester using a transcendent classic's eagle crested standard (32k, 297^). Also using a 15k seahorse (transcendent 192^). This isn't cutting it anymore - for mostly DPS maps like NMHC Boss Rush and for just normal NMHC boss fights, the bosses aren't dying fast enough. What's the best midgame staff/gun I can find with good stats that outclasses my current ones? I also want to try to start monk/barb DPS and I have them leveled to 78 and have armor sets but don't have a good weapon for them. The ones I've heard of are Monk Wrench and Steam Saw from sky city (cant b
  7. VERSUS: The Lost ONES https://store.steampowered.com/app/396230/
  8. Also, what quality of Seahorse can I expect to get on Aquanos ISHC? Are there other solid DPS pets on maps that arent Aquanos? I can probably beat a decent chunk of the maps that dont have awful bosses like this one as long as the Shards enemies or ogres arent too strong on them
  9. That would be great thanks! Add my linked steam and I'll probably be on tomorrow Does a 100% block squire weapon work if a Jester is using it?
  10. Aquanos is probably the easiest Shards map layout to beat first time NMHC - just throw down physical beams, auras, and minions on every entrance. However every time I reach the boss I cant do anything without either getting 1-shot or my defenses going down due to how slow my DPS is on it. I'm currently using a Jester with nearly maxed resists on NM (~80%) with 3.5k DPS stat and a Classic's Eagle Crested Standard with about 30k damage. Is there a strategy to beat this dude? I cant even take out the tentacles once. His water ball attack takes out my minions in two shots and takes me out in two t
  11. Where do the new maps show up? I've beaten all the Shards maps except CD (ISHC not NMHC) - is that the requirement to see them?
  12. I'm fairly new (~2 weeks ago) - have beaten everything except Sky City on insane, have farmed some Insane Survival mythical gear, running DPS Jester with mythical/transcendent armor from boss rush mix and a transcendent Classic's Eagle Crested Standard. I want to beat the final one on Insane before starting Nightmare. The level itself isnt hard - I have a good build for it, and whenever anything actually takes damage either the mage minions heal the other minions or I can spin 3pots on the Wheel. The main problem is the boss - it seems every time I come close to beating him I die in some chee
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