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  1. 1. won't happen since they want to sell inventory bags 2+3. yeah, do that, especially 3 with bosses, it just takes an eternity 4. as far as I know that's intended, so you need to block the entire lane for them
  2. gokuby

    What Mods

    Yeah, increased atk rate and CC reduction. It's just broken, the only tower I use right now, isn't the most damage, but you don't need it if everything is perma stunned.
  3. I've got tenacity + stun weapon manufacturers. It's borderline impossible for the mobs to move an inch.
  4. I only managed to get two 5 bar MODS yet, but for those the scaling is pretty similar. I have one green 4 bar MOD "Healthy Power Chip"[2940-4970] which bonus is 4340. At 3 bars(yellow) it's at 3270. Also one yellow 4 bar "Support-Boom Servo"[11,83-28,33%] with a bonus of 13,67%. The scaling depends on the amount of bars but is most affected by the color. The jump from yellow to green is by far the biggest for all of my 3 examples, so I assume it's for everything. 1 bar: dark red<light red 2 bars: orange<yellow 3 bars: yellow only 4 bars: yellow<light green 5 bars: green
  5. Another note should be that the quality isn't increasing linear. There is a huge gap between greenish yellow(4 bars) and green(5 bars). Example: Tenacity Servo C4[25,5-80%]; My 4 bars mod is at 34,5% while my green(5 bars) mod is at 70%. From level 1-4 the difference is only 9%, while the difference from level 4-5 is >35%.
  6. Yea I've noticed something similar now. Farming C4 for Defense Rate right now and if I'm playing with my EV2 I get about 1 shocking relevation mod per 3 maps, but 0 when I'm not playing with her. Sample size is about 70, so not really much.
  7. Thank you very much for your answer!
  8. I was just wondering how MODS are rolled. If certain MODS only drop in specific Chaos levels, or if the variety just increases with each level? Also are there MODS that are only obtainable in Onslaught like the C8 item? Third question, if I'm looking for the "shocking revelation" mod, which is an EV2 specific mod, do I need to play as EV2? I know it's pretty much impossible to tell for certain since the expansion is only out for a few days.
  9. For example your defenses can get stunned(cyborgs) and your hero can get slowed(orge boss). This shard reduces the time of the CC(crowrd control) effect by X%
  10. Yeah, however the range goes up as well. For my example on C7 the range goes up to 90% from 70% at C3. The rolled value goes up as well, but it's always just 52% of the maximum value, while being green. There is only one bar left, it should be at 70-80%.
  11. I don't understand this either. I have a green C3 relic with -36.5%[20.5%-70%] duration of negative status effects. There is only one bar left which doubles the value?
  12. It's most likely headshots from the Gunwitch and attacks from behind to the Siege Roller.
  13. I guess that's because the DPS doesn't seem to recognize increased crit chance/dmg. The DPS of my hornets is the same doesn't matter if crit chance/dmg is equipped or not.
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