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  1. Hi, I'm overdue an upgrade for my gloves! I currently have ultimate gloves with 298 368 533 279. Let me know if you have anything better and gimme a price! Thanks
  2. Havocus

    Contest [ENDED]

    Since we're being clever...
  3. There was zero interest in an even trade! How about now? Both werewolf and bonnet are traced.
  4. Hi, got this today: https://prnt.sc/kjuqnl My inclination is to use it as a stat stick for my jester since it can cap, but I decided I'd at least check if anyone wanted it bad enough for me to sell it. I'll hold on to it till Monday 8/20, as I suggested I'd need a nice offer to let it go. Mana will not be accepted. Cubes, Diamonds (5/10/15), Events. Event value will have to be discussed should you offer them. It should also go without saying they need to be traced. Bid date may be pushed back if bids come towards the end. Thanks!
  5. Havocus' armor piece right..? Not auctioning mah bodeh...that's a different forum...
  6. Hello, wanting to sell this: http://prntscr.com/ke1wzv Mana will not be accepted. Diamonds (5/10/15), Cubes, Events I have a hidden reserve in mind if not met I won't sell. Auction will run 1 week -- so ends on 8/9 at 9:00pm EST -- special circumstances may change bid time. Hoping I did everything right, first time auctioning! Good luck =D Auction ended, thanks for the bids everyone.
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