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  1. Are the weapons tradable? I wish we can buy it from someone with coins~
  2. I choose to interpret the above statement as meaning that everything I want to change will be changed in the next update. I also choose to be very disappointed when my previous statement turns out to not be completely incorrect. [Above statements are intended to be sarcastic so please don't take them seriously] I choose to inform you that I was involved in a discussion today about one map floor progression. I also choose to be very disappointed if we don't have information at a high level of what's coming within the next month and a half after Protean Shift is released. 1 map per floor? No please :(
  3. My internet is slow.. I hope its not a 50gb update :(
  4. [] Or make it 30-50% HP revive so ground enemies can have that skill too! [] 15-20% chance to stun the attacker for 1-2 seconds. (To prevent overkilling a lane). [] Reduce Attacker's attack rate by 50%. [] 10-20% chance to evade all attacks. (This should make the hornets weak against this lane).
  5. Hi, give the air enemies a revive skill. Revive with 100% HP as soon as they die. (For the suicide bombers, should only revive when they get killed by towers). Also make the EMP boss spawn in air lane.
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