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  1. This my build: Fissure of Embermount: (None) Maw of the Earth Drake: [Totem] Fortification / Crumbling Stone / Explosive Guard Oil Geyser: [Medallion] Oil Spill / Oily Entrapment / Deadly Strike Volcano: [Totem] Megarock / Lateral Blast / Volcanic Shock He's just my support builder.
  2. It s when you want to help someone and say "I'll solo this lane, just give me a tree" and then you suicide to make them lose.
  3. I have no coins right now but how much is the katkarot?
  4. Thank you! But found a seller yesterday and I ran out of gold now :D
  5. Oh its a bug and you don't have to close the game (ALT F4) You'll need to wait for around 80 seconds to proceed to next map (without the UI).
  6. Except that the system punishes you for lowering the price. I WANT to lower the price on my item, but won't because of how penalizing it is to do so. Besides isn't the fact that your overpriced items won't sell punishment enough. Eventually people will lower their prices enough to get items too sell, but this system is preventing that. You have the point and Im sorry I know none about trading~ Its just my thought that if noone buys an overpriced item, the seller would either have to buy his own stuff or destroy it ^.^
  7. I think the penalty is made for people who'd sell stuff overpriced.
  8. Nice! This just happened to me yesterday, also whenever the internet is slow. I'd get disconnected without getting the loots from it. But Im not sure if its a good idea to auto collect the loots from chest without opening them by yourself.
  9. UP Still looking for them~
  10. I only had to restart my Steam. I hope you get it fixed! i tried , it didn't work I'm sorry! thats all I know. We need a professional here to get you fix it.
  11. I only had to restart my Steam. I hope you get it fixed!
  12. I Love this idea! ^ But for now you can try this for less confusion: (Disable Auto Sort) EDIT: Here's another one.
  13. How about the Protean Weapons? :( Mods not working for them, or atleast for my Protean Sweeper. Sorry I don't know whats the bug site.
  14. Protean Impaler: 5,000,000 G Protean Cleaver: 5,000,000 G Protean Protector: 3,500,000 G
  15. You might need all cards in used first before the "Get an additional Hero Card" shows up.
  16. Press Esc > Create Hero > Get An Additional Hero Card (450 gems / 2,000 medals)
  17. Weak Points = Roller. You should deal more damage when you hit them from behind. (Not sure about this). and about the mods, it should stack, even tho im just guessing.
  18. I have the fire servo equipped just for the swag
  19. I hope they can fix it soon :(. I kinda don't want to climb floors because the corrupt blessing 1 shots everything even the bosses.
  20. Esc > Create Hero > Get an additional Hero Card (2,000 medals). I'm not sure about that.
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