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  1. First things first, this kind of idea and questions is from people with no ambitions in life that even in an online game, they want everything easy.

    @metalpower quote:

    Hi guys,

    Some days ago, I saw Lawlta say that devs were looking for changing the number of what we will have to do to finish a floor.

    At the moment, each floor above 60 need 3 maps to finish 1 floor.

    So my question is simple:

    If i have beaten 150 floor, when you'll change the system floor, will i have beaten more floor ?
    For example, if you change it to 1 map per floor from start without counting the floor where we had to do 2 maps to beat one floor, but counting from floor 60.
    Basic math would be:

    150 - 60 = 90 floors

    Then with new system:

    90  x  3 = 270 floors

    270 + 60 = 330 floors

    That would mean i would be floor 330 floor right ?

    I think it would be nice to have this taking count for all the players who have played your onslaught the way it is now.

    Hope you're really considering it, and won't only think about new players.

    That would really depressed me if it s not the case, i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one thinking that way.

    Cheers guys.

  2. @CheetahPig quote:

    Is anyone else having the experience when transfering mods the mods became empty?

    Like after a successful transfer that consumes the items and paid the medal/gems then nothing happens except the bean level change but no m.o.d.s has been transfered and still written as empty.

    very very anoying as I wasted a 5/5 Beans after a 7hr grind.

    Horray!!!  I got a "Green 5/5 Empty" Mod.

    Happened to me on Protean Weapon.

  3. @LAWLTA quote:

    Shocking revelation is OP and Tenacity is applying way more than it should be. There are changes coming to bring things in line and make sure the Mods apply correctly.

    Ahhh I see, thanks for the reply. I might check the game this weekend since i can't right now, I have 12 hours class a day so I might be able to see it fully during sembreak. Also I checked the leaderboards and everyone became OP, guess we need to make enemies stronger aswell just for more challenge. I believe that Mfr is not the only one OP, but that one is doing everything and countering all lanes. Bees without poison/stun in Controlled Burn lane is useless, but Mfr itself is doing it. Emoji_Skeleton.png

  4. @mmm quote:

    @MystykZ quote:

    WM is fine it is just the mod which makes it strong. Imo "the problem" is because the Stun is 5 Seconds long even at Level 1. Stunduration should scale with Modlevel that way only 5/5 gives 5 Seconds. Could be one Second per Modlevel. This fixes WM without nerfing it to the ground to compensate for the Mod.

    Nothing is fine about that defense, no defense at all should stun AOE in such a reliable way and also being able to self kill everything.

    There are towers for CC and towers for damage, a single one shouldn't be doing everything, and AOE.

    This need a huge nerf ASAP.

    I think there's no point of arguing now. The community itself wanted the AFK type of gameplay. They won't understand your point especially if the Trendy chose to make these people happy. I guess they were forced to do that just to give them happiness.

  5. Thanks for saying this. I think this is what I wanted to say but I did not know how to explain.

    For now me and my friends are quitting maybe until next update. Gotta find a game where to compete since steam is having a sale right now~

    @mmm quote:

    @Nefhith quote:

    You're also pointing out something wrong with a passive, not the defense. Weapon manufacturer is fine.

    TBH no, while the biggest problem is another weapon manufacturer was never fine, it was intended to be a defense with a synergy with the hero DPS but they made a solo defense and there is no point if a defense lvl 1 is competitive with other defenses lvl 5, it wasn't fine even before this OP feast.

  6. @specialK quote:

    lose the tenacity mod, problem solved.

    Personally I enjoy not having a challenge, once I have farmed for 300+ hours to get the right mods. That is the whole point. And it is a grindy game, so whatever makes it simpler, it is not as if I was given a hand out, I have farmed for my mods and relics. So I don't agree for any nerfs.

    I would agree with you if you asked a more challenging mode, not nerfing something that has a purpose.

    Oh welp Emoji_Skeleton.png

  7. Don't get me wrong guys! I love the Protean Shift update, but with this new meta, Onslaught is not challenging anymore. Since I just bought Ev2 few days ago, I really wanted to use her even before the update, but I had no enough medals to get her. Right now I can't just say that "I'm not going to use her because she is OP". I enjoy using her but its a bad thing that she's too strong that I don't even need a strategy build anymore.

  8. I legit sold my maxed c7 mod (Weakpoint Damage +70%) by accident.

    Not really sure what to feel Emoji_Skeleton.png

    @hajum023 quote:

    Just sold my five bar gobu-boom mod on accident when doing a sell all, once i realized my life flashed before my eyes and I cried real man tears. Plz make five bar mods noob-proof and make it more difficult to sell them on accident.

    Thanks for reading

  9. Oh wow I misunderstood that too!

    so 51k x 8 for little magic hat

    @Machiavellian quote:

    @Little Magic Hat quote:

    My current MODS states +412,215 Poison Damage for 8 when hit by Harpies.

    I should be expecting to see 412,215 DoT per second right? Why is it doing ~51k damage per second instead? Or is it more weird DD2 math where numbers dont mean what they look like ?

    There miss word like "for" its deal 400k total in 8 sec.

  10. @Rude..Boy quote:

    I thought it would be cool the have the projectiles shot back from the reflect beam to be able to pierce a geode shild. But that doesn't work. The mod is marked as "incompatible" with the reflect beam. Anyone knows if this is by design or is it a bug?

    I think only for towers~ But I like the thought of that mod used on reflect!

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