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  1. First things first, this kind of idea and questions is from people with no ambitions in life that even in an online game, they want everything easy.
  2. Happened to me on Protean Weapon.
  3. No point atm. Onslaught and Mastery became ez.
  4. Ahhh I see, thanks for the reply. I might check the game this weekend since i can't right now, I have 12 hours class a day so I might be able to see it fully during sembreak. Also I checked the leaderboards and everyone became OP, guess we need to make enemies stronger aswell just for more challenge. I believe that Mfr is not the only one OP, but that one is doing everything and countering all lanes. Bees without poison/stun in Controlled Burn lane is useless, but Mfr itself is doing it.
  5. Nothing is fine about that defense, no defense at all should stun AOE in such a reliable way and also being able to self kill everything. There are towers for CC and towers for damage, a single one shouldn't be doing everything, and AOE. This need a huge nerf ASAP. I think there's no point of arguing now. The community itself wanted the AFK type of gameplay. They won't understand your point especially if the Trendy chose to make these people happy. I guess they were forced to do that just to give them happiness.
  6. This is similar to the Shocking Revelation. Standing there while waiting and get good stuffs in exchange.
  7. Thanks for saying this. I think this is what I wanted to say but I did not know how to explain. For now me and my friends are quitting maybe until next update. Gotta find a game where to compete since steam is having a sale right now~ TBH no, while the biggest problem is another weapon manufacturer was never fine, it was intended to be a defense with a synergy with the hero DPS but they made a solo defense and there is no point if a defense lvl 1 is competitive with other defenses lvl 5, it wasn't fine even before this OP feast.
  8. They ranged! It'd be cute if they make a melee fly XD
  9. I was doing race against my friends in floors, but we will stop for now because it became so easy. Not everyone wants easy game. I was enjoying to compete against my friends but not anymore </3. I Love the update tho 10/10.
  10. Too easy with Dryad but alot of players couldn't do high floors. Check the leaderboards now. The lowest floor in the list is 120th. It used to be 114th when the meta was Dryad. Everyone can climb now, just need that 1 mod.
  11. Don't get me wrong guys! I love the Protean Shift update, but with this new meta, Onslaught is not challenging anymore. Since I just bought Ev2 few days ago, I really wanted to use her even before the update, but I had no enough medals to get her. Right now I can't just say that "I'm not going to use her because she is OP". I enjoy using her but its a bad thing that she's too strong that I don't even need a strategy build anymore.
  12. Not yet. This is the first time I tried using her in Onslaught. Its no challenge anymore.
  13. Ultra Stun to Bosses. They can't even move. Right now I only use Monk and Ev2 for the Skyguard and Flame/Lightning aura.
  14. I'm using Tenacity + Shocking Revelation with Medallion. I afk all lanes in floor 174 right now.. I mean it was hard for me to beat this floor before. :(
  15. It was abit hard before the Shocking Revelation mod came, but now I don't even try anymore and just put it near the spawn.
  16. I tried doing a map in onslaught and used that node in all lanes, can easily do it especially that the game just gave me a c7 maxed mod Tenacity (-95% duration of negative status effects). No challenge for me anymore. I just stand there watching the enemies die. :(
  17. Weapon Mfr. : Shocking Revelation
  18. I legit sold my maxed c7 mod (Weakpoint Damage +70%) by accident. Not really sure what to feel
  19. Oh wow I misunderstood that too! so 51k x 8 for little magic hat There miss word like "for" its deal 400k total in 8 sec.
  20. I think only for towers~ But I like the thought of that mod used on reflect!
  21. Those 30 sec challenges I find them hard to solo. So I do it with friends or random people in town, easier.
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