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  1. Why DD1 has outline, but DD2 not?
  2. In later waves, I would like to add more player to help me to beat it. But at the beginning I would like to solo, that is more easy than multi player.
  3. Any patch notes? Is this weapon change its shoting mode? But i can't trigger this sometimes. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c156/megafiers/20151125111235_zpsrzvqtra9.jpg Image
  4. Hi, Satoshi, I would like to know about begining, how you defense the 1st/2nd wave?
  5. We cant choose player so there no reason to be public, keep private, and invite ur friend. Solo is good , and save more bandwidth. More pl means crazy bandwidth cost.
  6. I think its time to add build time mode, before add too many maps. This game need more balance. Why all traps?
  7. Time will make this game more strategy like DD1. I miss DD1 when we all talk about how to setup our defense in limit time. I feel boring to farm and farm, and we all use trap setup in NM.
  8. Which map and where this cat ? lol tks to new bug, i always find some amazing when i lost connection to server. --- Trendy can u spend some time to improve server performances? I often find it hard to connect to playverse. BTW, i like new slow aura, dont make it useless.
  9. frost tower still work (slow)? tks, i will take a try, dont know if my DP/DS is descent enough.
  10. Really need strong wall to stop mobs, i think this map is more harder than rampart.
  11. I think hard mode in Devstream 10 is too easy, and I would like to see time limit build in hard mode, will make this game more harder and strategy, just like DD1. PS. I saw boss instant killed in Devstream 10 , is that a trick or bug?
  12. I would like to know how many screens DD2 could split >
  13. It's pretty easy, you just have to do survival Old MacDonald's farm to wave 25. The real mystery is how to get Cosmo! wow, i like pig too XD wings behind
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