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  1. Thanks for the update. Also, FYI this only happens if you skip an empty M.O.D.S slot... For example if you put a mod on the 3rd slot and skipped the 2nd empty slot. Once you put something to the 2nd mods slot, the bugged 3rd M.O.D.S will be fixed. Hope this helps for those who is experiening the same issue until patch day.
  2. Is anyone else having the experience when transfering mods the mods became empty? Like after a successful transfer that consumes the items and paid the medal/gems then nothing happens except the bean level change but no m.o.d.s has been transfered and still written as empty. very very anoying as I wasted a 5/5 Beans after a 7hr grind. Horray!!! I got a "Green 5/5 Empty" Mod.
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