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  1. Why are you like this? Although it was actually pretty doable, just had to try a few times because I was pepega. Thanks for the giveway, I can honestly say i would never have played the map otherwise. (and probably won't play it ever again) profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198417716162
  2. Definetely more challenging than it looks at first glance, ty to sesar and ruffer for doing them with me! imgur: https://imgur.com/a/xKKl0Al steam profile: https://steampowered.com/profiles/76561198417716162
  3. also when does the auction end? cause thats not specified
  4. which ons are u interested in then? maybe include that instead of just saying events
  5. overload spearmint lumen red 25 cv in dias
  6. overload + spearmint + lumen + red
  7. overload + 30 cv in diamonds
  8. Gyvexx


    oh rip it's already done, oh well
  9. Gyvexx


  10. just a small tip, if u censor something, only censor the last digit of all the stats/upgrades. the difference between 100 and 900 is pretty big but we don't know what it is if u censor like that.
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