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  1. Wall of text warning skip to TL;DR bold if you're lazy. I have a pretty stable connection but sometimes once a day or even once a month I lag for a few minutes. Just enough so it kicks me from a game occasionally. Secondly when steam friends goes down I am also kicked from the game and believe it or not that can happen on a non global scale. I have been kicked from "tendynet" and unable to play while other friends merrily play asking why my steam friends is down because theirs isn't. I switched download locations and reset my router and release/renewed it doesn't ever solve it when it's
  2. There is clearly problem with both draining the market of mana, and immense grinding one has to do to fully upgrade his gear for 4 or more heroes ... Furthermore, it is incredibly annoying that you can put 1 billion mana in a stat that the very next patch will make useless .. I have seen not only stats, but also heroes going out of favour (like there was a time only hunters were around, hp was not needed on hero before uber, resistance was all before nm etc.) I am now afraid to put billion into armor - next week i can find better one. Or suddenly dps heroes are back in favour (and necessary!
  3. If it has to much on one stat they will disappear. my staffs and swords have been disappearing cause they been dropping with 200+charge for staffs and 700+, 1000+ block for swords if it was a armor it shouldnt have disappeared. Items don't dissapear when you pick them up... The stat changes to negative thereby making the item harder to spot. That really sucks since I rolled a 167 boost huntress guardian in the shop that became -80 something when it got into my inventory.
  4. Exactly. I'm playing this game a lot. I was fine doing MM Survivals back on Insane, because the progress was visible and possible. You could get a good gear and it the top quality was changing at a normal pace. And we didn't have these buff/nerf seizures that we have now. At this point all I want from this game is a bit of stability and a plan that we could clearly see. So that I could see where to go now. And so that it was possible with the time I'm ready to invest in this game — and again, that's a lot. Don't get me wrong but if I'm crying here with my 800+ hours of gametime that it take
  5. Get over yourself and either quit or play the game. Maybe you should just demand an apology for a game with a long ramp of progression that doesn't require a monthly fee of over 10 dollars a month to keep that ramp going. I'm sorry you feel so very wronged with such an increasing ramp of gameplay, but if you wanted something you were at the top of progression within a month, then go play WoW or CoD where it's designed for people who don't want a challenging game with a real ramp. This game is not challenging. Trendy has adopted "fake difficulty" as its modus operendi, only it pretends to be
  6. Retarded nerf is retarded... I bet they can't even finish maps on NM... i remember when first UMF come out and Jer said that they can't test(its about the loot drop) it properly because they were getting their *** kicked hard by this challenger. Don't most game designers test loot drops in god mode. Games usually have a god mode code (not functioning on release) built into them because the designers used it to test the game.
  7. hc nm mysmire forest campaign ~= umf 2.0 nm No, beat Misty Forest with a party and then play survival. Items get so high in Misty Forest that they become glitched. There are 255 upgrade weapons that drop there, but when you pick them up they show as 12 upgrades. Also, one time a weapon dropped that had 0 upgrades... no idea how that happened... Oh and if you pick up a bow that drops with a lot of reload speed it will become negative when you put it in your inventory. The reverse happens if it has a lot of negative reload. And then, after I died... I rolled a huntress guardian with 167 b
  8. The only people capable of doing NM UMFs/Survivals are either using hacked gear, bought gear from people who farmed it using hacked gear, or exploited NM UMF2 early on. Look at the leaderboard for UMF2 NM and tell me those lvl72s aren’t using hacked gear. Lol, there is no way in god's green Earth that someone could beat NM UMF with a level of 72... WITHOUT Hacked gear that is.
  9. Oh! You made me think of something else. Now I can place str/slow combo to protect blocks and I can repair auras staying out of Ogre attack range (which is huge). After the nerf I'd have to either leave more area unprotected (therefore not slowing mobs down) or place it to cover the maximum area in front of the blocks, but risk losing it because freaking Ogre/Ninja one-shots me when I try to repair. One shots me like there's no strength drain at all, like there's no apprentice guardian buffing it (along with mage blocks of course but still buffing the aura as well), like I have 6% resists in
  10. Why the 40% reduction in trap/arua range on NM? Agreed. I think that this will be the straw that broke the perverbial camel's back for me.
  11. Double respawn wait-time in nightmare * 40% reduction on Trap/Aura effective range on Nightmare * Increased Nightmare wyvern flight speed by 40% Strongly disagree with these three changes as wyverns are already impossible to deal with because the only anti-air defenses are towers and they are easily destroyed by spiders. Decreasing the size of auras makes them weaker against anti-air. Nightmare is already hard. No reason to make it harder IMO. That said, tower builds need a buff. Nerfing traps and auras isn't going to make people use already ineffective towers. It's just going to
  12. I think simply setting minimum level is a great start. If you aren't level 70, you have no business joining people for nightmare matches. It's ridiculous. Likewise, you should be about 50 to join Insane, etc etc. A minimum level requirement would benefit teamplay games immensely. As it stands this is one of the key reasons teamplay is not encouraged in this game. If some level 5 dude can join your nightmare glitterheim run what is the point? I would always set level 74 requirements in nightmare mode, there simply isn't room for 2nd best in that game mode.
  13. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but try to move your base to somewhere else. I nevr had THAT mob bugging, only an ogre patrolling that exact same door. Um. You shouldn't have to move your base to fix a pathing bug.
  14. Why do gas traps have zero effect on Ogres? The monk's ensnare aura works on them...... so why not at least make the huntress gas traps slow the ogres down by a percentage or make them stop for a 5 second period or something? Agreed. Ogres are dumb, so they should just sit there choking like the rest of the enemies.
  15. Not bad. Drops past 90^ weapons. Can't clear the board, but can beat the first two waves solo. Problem is towers are useless due to spiders - so I need to open with auras instead. I might try it with my brother so we can cover more ground.
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