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  1. I just want the Gender Swaps so I can use the Male Hunter, and maybe some Console Exclusive costumes that hte Pc players do not get. And it would be nice to have some nice maps and challenges to play. And maybe a few better weapons... I would love to not feel useless as a Monk... The most I can get DPs is about 30k and that's using ranged damage with 5 projectiles up close on one target. PK Chaos Turtle USA XBL
  2. PixelatedDream is correct, I bought the game on the 360 because it was supposed to be the same game and my PC is too crappy to run it so yea. I'm not going to pay $1000 to play a crap game like DD. I would love to have a nice $1 K PC but I can't waste that much money because I can't just ask people for it.
  3. All you people "Defending" TE are really... Let's just say you're obviously in the place where money doesn't matter to you, nor does the time you waste. For those of us who can't go to "Mommy & Daddy" when we want a game, and don't have unlimited resources, we have to get what looks like it can keep us busy for a while and is not too expensive. As for the DLC that we got from TE... I paid more than the PC players for the SAME DLC and I got LESS content than they did... So yea I have a really good reason to be mad. TE you are nothing more than a big TROLL and you will be forever alone. Y
  4. All I can say is...I really don't like TE... I think they have a lot of learning to do and that they really need to fully research things before they start working on something. They had no idea what they were doing and that's where they went wrong. Now all of us HONEST console users who bought DD will have to suffer because TE was too immature to be honest with us from the start. I don't know why they felt the need to lead us on other than they just wanted to see how long that could take our money before they just HAD to tell us something. I bought the 1st "QFTLES" DLC; however, I will ne
  5. I would really like a Pet Turtle.... Would make me very happy if it was similar to the giraffe
  6. I think MS is just doing it's thing and TE is lying about the costs...
  7. Okay TE I have had enough of this. You NEVER talk to anyone and give us ANY information at all about what you are doing. It is VERY rare when you post anything about the Console getting any kind of update at all and then it is just a quick, "We have submitted" blah blah blah. I admit that DD was really fun when we first got it. But then we started coming to this board to see if there were going to be updates and whatever... that's when we realized that you HATE console gamers and are just making this to please PC users. You GIVE PC users EVERYTHING for FREE to start with. FREE DLC, Patches
  8. What I don't understand is why is TE making Console users wait till the 21st but the PC users get it on the 15th? LOL I already got mine so I don't really care but... It's really not fair.
  9. I already have the DLC... I got it when it went up early on the 360... TE only took about an hour to have the DLC removed... Sad really that they had it taken down so quickly when they won't even answer questions on this site from Console users...
  10. It has now been removed from XBOX LIVE, yet again the console owners get shafted. You see how quickly TE got it taken off the network? That proves they hate console. The lucky ones like me got it early before the PC users and so TE had it removed pretty much instantly. Yet it took them FOREVER to give us something in the first place. They won't even answer our questions but they can get this little "Error" taken care of on an instant. TE you guys need to Man Up and be fair to EVERYONE. You shouldn't release any updates, DLC, Bonus Content, Holiday Packs, or Character packs unless you are
  11. I need a FULL set of Godly or at least a Helmet and Gloves that are [Godly Enchanted Plate] so I can get the accomplishment. I have 15Mil and can get more if needed. I play on the 360.
  12. Yea... I would love to get some of the weapons I have seen from the PC version because they do so much more Base Ranged for the monk. I appreciate your advice, I will try to get a good version of the above weapons. I'll have to look around and see what the best base stats are for both.
  13. I really love my monk but I want to be "Useful" to play with. I was excited about the Male counterpart for the Huntress because I love the DPS I can get from a Huntress with a good Crystal Tracker or Blasticuss. Since I found out that we will not be getting the Counterparts anytime soon, I really need a good weapon for my monk because I don't like to play as a Female and I prefer the Monk over the other classes so yea... Anyways, my Monk is completely Tower Spec with the other 19 in build speed but I will probably re-spec and put the 19 points in Hero Boost. I never play alone, I am always
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