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  1. bump. problem persists, making multiplayer pretty much not an option, which sucks. Even trading on the forums is annoying since I crash 2/3rds of the time entering a tavern to trade ._.
  2. I vaguely remember somewhere that nightmare wasn't going to be "endgame", but I suppose I might be imagining things.
  3. So, for the past week or two I've started playing DD again, and noticed a new issue... DD will freeze, stop responding, and cause all of steam to crash, being unable to relaunch for about 5~10 minutes. This crash only happens during Multiplayer, mostly when joining someone else's game, and most frequently in the tavern. Crashes have occurred while I'm hosting, but significantly less. I also appear to crash more frequently when joining players not on my friends list, but that may be coincidence. I've verified integrity, deleted and completely reinstalled twice, tried changing to onboar
  4. but that guide was the first one, when there wassent any comfirm info of all what the jester do... You shouldn't make a guide without at least making sure the facts you've given are correct. I don't particularly mind things being left out, but giving false information to players who have little knowledge of something will only confuse them further. An example of something he said that I find completely wrong, but didn't mention : He (the guy making the guide) basically said he didn't see any reason to make a (pure) tower jester. To me, this is entirely wrong. And here's why. 1. Jeste
  5. My theory is: Jesters are meant to be built hybrid so that they can take advantage of the presents they can summon, and still contribute in a meaningful way. I know that their hero damage, HP, movement speed and casting all have above average scaling to compensate for the fact that you need points in tower stats to keep Jesters from being a class that can do nothing but attack and roll Fortuna. I have a sneaking suspicion that towers also have higher scaling to compensate for the randomness, but I've yet to test this with 100/100/100/100 builders and Jesters. I've tested it. Hero-wise :
  6. It irks me that the included fan-made "jester guide" is... well, inaccurate. 1. He starts off building Extravagent Presents, stating that he's expecting either "Fireballs or Bowling Ball Turrets" ...Fireballs only spawn from Deluxe Presents, not Extravagent. 2. He later builds a Deluxe Present stating that he's hoping for a Trap. While Inferno Trap CAN spawn from Deluxe, Small Presents contains the remaining 4. This would have been far better to build (more chances for traps, and due to lack of darkness/strength drain, proximity would be better than inferno there anyway) 3. Presents w
  7. Saying that something is better than a smoldering pile of garbage isn't really saying much. Granted, I'm not saying DD is bad. It's not, I assure you. Though, I can also say that having paid nearly as much for DD as D3's cost (40~50$ IIRC between original price and all the extras purchased) Well, it's just annoying when I'm reminded of certain issues DD has that refuse to get fixed, for whatever reason. Here's a few. 1. Hacks and Hacked items. Doesn't really seem like it'd be too difficult to have Ranked have a cap on the maximum potential an item can have, and clamp down an item's s
  8. they do drop just 99% are godly ocasionaly myth ones so u dont notice hem unless u keep ur eyes peeled during combat phase like people moaning about frost blades not droping very oftern now they was intradused in the hhalloween map hence why there now rare drops the only thing trendy could do to stop people moaning lie this is improve the item quality of halloween drops then u would see just how muc h is droping for all u peole who must be afking everything Having them drop as godly is as good as not dropping at all. Christmas weapons drop much more frequently. Needs to be on-par w
  9. candle stick staffs drop like water on aquanos i see 10 or so a round on mixed mode Candle stick staves are etherian holiday loot, not halloween. Halloween loot are 8 weapons, 2 for each class. over half of these aren't dropping at all.
  10. Totally wasn't City in the Cliffs. Couldn't be.
  11. i have seen one trans bloodsucker drop so far from 50 + runs on aquanos i didnt get a screen shot as the stats were pritty poor for what i wanted it for as these are challenge rewards the chances of finding them on the floor ina game is well to be blunt no higher thana 5% chance one will drop per round let alone be useable 5%? Pretty sure it's <1% if at all.
  12. I've seen 'bloodsucker' weapons for Monk dropped, which are Nosferatu's; I have one equipped on my Initiate, I can take a screenshot of it if wanted. Are you sure you didn't get that from the tavernkeep or a shroomite/donkey/seahorse? I don't think anyone's seen an actual DROP yet.
  13. because it would be seriously too powerful if it stacked with buff beams. an innate with a good weapon and a genie could keep defense boost up almost all the time.. seriously. Almost all the time. i'm not sure of the percentage of up time it would have but its very very high. That and all builders would be forced to follow innates around while they farm mana for that, what is probably 80%, up time. A manmonk can only boost one area which is still considered overpowered right now. Except that in order for an initiate to buff anything, the builder must be within their buff radius. Th
  14. Highest I've seen was a mythical spear for monk drop on Mistymire Mixed Mode NMHC somewhere between waves 25 and 29... I'll have to look up how much damage it gets per upgrade to figure out what the base was, but I KNOW the base damage was over 8k. (though, it had around 18 upgrades max so it didn't get all that much higher)
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