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  1. I guess the mods are out to lunch? How is this thread still going?
  2. Is anyone else playing SWTOR? I pretty much just play DD while I'm waiting in queue to log into SWTOR (which is unfortunately a very long time). Joey- The story is phenomenal. If you liked the story in Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or the older KotOR games, you'd love the story in SWTOR. The depth and breadth of the game is astronomical, there's just so much to see and do.
  3. Planned Release Dates: As said, monthly. Refund Policy: Take that up with the company you are purchasing it from (aka Steam). As with most downloadable software products, we do not offer refunds for purchases made through Steam. An exception is made for games purchased during a pre-order period if the request is received prior to the games' release date. Guarantee on quality: lol
  4. 53M hp dragon boss. I don't see a problem. I do 1m dps on my apprentice and 500k on my huntress.
  5. Wow, really? This is disappointing to hear. I can understand going from 70-74 being difficult, but if they increased the exp required for leveling up to 60 or 70 by 10x.... Not sure what I can even say about that.
  6. Yea, they changed knockbacks, and they removed armor resistances.
  7. What unsubtle said...Game design. The developers created a game with a beginning and an ending, rules that would stay with you throughout the game, you got that feeling of accomplishment and progression. Yeah, it was short, yeah it had no loot...but they didnt make the terrible mistake of trying to make the game something that it clearly wasnt designed to be. If DunDef would have ended with you killing that dragon it might have been a draw though...Exactly. You can play through the entire campaign in Dungeon Defenders, and boom, you just got everything that OMD gives you. You've got strategy,
  8. It wasn't survival, it was campaign, he posted the weapon he got from killing the boss.
  9. They haven't really said that they dropped all support for it what I've heard. It's more of like they are not keen on updating with lots of content but rather work on other stuff. Things might come to Orc Must die. Even then you should take it as a SP game and it does that way better than most other TD games out there. http://www.rtsguru.com/game/384/article/1379/No-More-DLC-for-Orcs-Must-Die.html Developers said they would release 2 DLC for Orcs, and then move on to new projects, which is exactly what they did. Dungeon Defenders has way more value in my eyes. Here you have developers
  10. Ok, let's stop talking about the other thread. Bottom line, the other thread was a topic about quitting the game. Quitting threads get closed.
  11. Orcs Must Die is single player only, and the Devs have stated that they are done working on it. There won't be any future expansions/DLC/Content at all for that game. That's a huge downside and makes the game worthless in my opinion. Unless it goes on sale on Steam for like 99 cents, I'm not buying it.
  12. If this is true (I'm at work, can't test) it needs to be hotfixed. Increasing the difficulty is one thing, negating the billions of mana that people have spent setting up perfect resist armor is an entirely other thing.
  13. Any chance you could post your traptress' stats and your squires tower hp?
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