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  1. The reset feature of your first point isn't the end-game challenge. The reset feature is function added to the game to allow players to continue to test their skills and reset their character's gear to earn a little bonus. To your second point, the real challenge is pushing as high in Onslaught you're capable. Prior to the latest update, Onslaught was more of a grind with a slight up-tick in difficulty. They changed it so it allows player a significant difficultly challenge as you complete a floor. The challenge of the game is now taking the skills you've developed playing through the modes and putting them into practice in high Onslaught floors. They even added a bonus challenge with Omega waves on Ancient Temple maps, after floor 58. The nice part of the latest change is that Trendy placed these challenges well within arms reach. You are no longer required to put in a significant amount of time to reach the difficult floors. These maps may not have the implicit restrictions a mastery has, but they are there none the less. You'll want to build as quick as possible to save yourself time. You'll want to only use certain defenses to combat the schedules. The challenge is right in front of you. It's yours! Take it!
  2. To clarify, the discount only applied to using gems. It never applied to purchasing a 5 pack of cards with defender medals. It was always full price, 10,000 medals. The only benefit was convenience.
  3. I can't speak for minimum ascension level after a AP reset, but a similar question was posed during the dev stream asking about the max ascension points earned per floor. Jose responded, explaining that they raised the points earned per floor from 3 to 12.
  4. Hello all! I am currently looking to complete my masteries. Pushing through masteries alone isn't entirely impossible, but I was looking for some players to work with to make light work of the task. The biggest obstacles are the 30 second builds. Outside of the 30 second builds, the majority of masteries I need to complete are in C6 and C7. Let me know if you're interested. I'm not looking to carry anyone. This will require collaboration. Here is a link I put together specifying my personal progress. 
  5. Are you seeing this in a specific mode in the game? Has the map already started when this happens?
  6. So shouldnt the mana that drops, actually stay? Because atm, mana just goes POOF. lawlta Just thinking about this again, it sounds ***ing ridiculous... So you can have a wave that only needs 1 wall and 1 reflect beam. Compared to 100+++++ of mobs that slow defenses waves. And they are the "same" ?? MKAY... Are you experiencing a problem with upgrades as waves progress? Mana seems pretty balanced. I'm curious, where are you at in the game? Are you focused on a particular mode that you're seeing a problem?
  7. I have had this occur as well. I have noticed that with the introduction of the bank system that if you put a stack in the bank and the right click an item within your inventory that it will be added to the stack. I've found that there is one exception to this and that is if you are trying to combine stacks and the total is larger than 99; if the total of the two are larger than 99 then they will remain split in odd numbers.
  8. I have encountered this problem three times within the past week. Progressing so far within an Onslaught session and being kicked is extremely frustrating.
  9. In master you gain stars. Those stars are to track progress and eventually earn rewards. Some of those rewards are hypershards. You also earn bonus ascension points while progressing through this game mode.
  10. Well if that is the case, that is exactly my point. Why would there be a bonus feature in the game and then it be taken away? It's not like we can regain those mastery rewards. It seems like something that should be fixed.
  11. Hello, I'm currently enjoying the all of modes available in the game at the moment. I'm positioning myself to begin the ascension reset process for the first time. Something I've noticed was that ascension benefits are calculated based on ascension level and the highest floor completed within Onslaught. If I'm correct on how ascension is calculated, what happens to the rewarded ascension points granted to a player when completing Masteries? Are they lost?
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