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  1. I can't help but think its the strategy. Ive done UMF successfully probably in the 3-4 dozen range on insane (not that difficulty matters here) and never had a mob bug on me one single time (that I wasn't trying to purposefully bug).
  2. I'd love to give you a "you're 100% right on the bat old chap" but alas. Having a dps geared any ranged class doesn't require you to have to waste points in resistances because of the simplest logic ever. Not getting hit > wasting upgrade levels. Lets be honest here; the only difficulty worth doing is insane, at least for upgrade purposes. If you abide by this; then he is in-fact correct that you NEED to have resistances to avoid dying. Keep in mind that there are a certain amount of lives at stake. I do not attempt this on any character with less than 85% Physical resist. Set bonus
  3. sneaky you! playing in open! This lol ^
  4. but how far are you able to get? And what are your tower stats? I'm thinking probably not very far as the DEW's tend to wreck any towers >_< 14/14 on insane. I finish wave 14 with about 2 minutes left; but finish wave 13 with about 40-45 seconds left.
  5. Sometimes you can jump into the spawns and have it sort of reset itself.
  6. Interesting; before they fixed the mana exploit with projectile speed; I saw people use items that had negative speed that was easily forced into the positives via 4-5 upgrades. This was like 7.12A or something though.
  7. Try this: Shift Window Shift Window is amazing; try it. I use it for LOL.
  8. I still use my huntress for anything that needs to be DPS'ed down. I use her on solo UMF and pretty much anything else.
  9. I take a different approach with this map. I handle the ogres while my defenses kill the mobs. Works pretty well.
  10. I end wave 13 on insane with 55 seconds left but end wave 14 with close to 2 minutes left. I guess its the way the mobs spawn.
  11. It does go by percentages. Percentages for the first few levels; IIRC.
  12. Do you ever not troll newname? Try the higher level challenges on insane, or do Survival MM insane up to 20, I usually one 60^ + pet in the shop after watching my crystal explode for no reason. Beyond that? Nada till Nightmare. UMF Insane = up to 151^ pets that i've seen so far with 100 in 6/8 stats.
  13. People are soloing this? IF so; what class, and strat?
  14. Hey guys, I need a fairy; quickly with good amount of ups. Post what you want to sell and price; include ups, base damage and rate of fire please as well as steam name.
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