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  1. (sorry for my english) Hello, You dont wan't to make this game funnier, you want to make it easier and faster. I admit that power transfer, deadly strike, defense rate's,... drop rate is low but all those shards are a must have to keep grinding in mastery, onslaught, chaos and so on... So where is the interest if you directly drop all the good stuff ? I feel like you want to rush this game (speed up button is a proof :p) but this is not the mentality of this game. You have to take time to grind, to get stuff, ancient power, powerful heroes,... What's the interest (once again) about the spee
  2. (sorry for my english) Hello, Does anyone know how the host of games works ? I always create parties with friends, so i should be the leader of this party. But i directly (or after one map) lose the leadership and a friends becomes the new leader (i have a nice internet, so it's not the problem). It's kinda annoying, especially for masteries in group cause you can't see the map board if you're not the leader, so you can't see what mastery you've already done. I always have to leave the party to see the board, then join again the party (when it works cause there's always one who doesn't recie
  3. (sorry for my english) 1. you have to complete each map of the floor (1=>3) 2. it's called ancient power; you can 'reset' when you reach floor 65 and get 250 ascension points. in short, it gives you some advantages (permanent buffs) and you can build powerful heroes. tbh if you're new to this game, you shouldn't care about this for a moment. but there's a lot of posts talking about ancient power (advantages, disadvantages,..) in this forum so you can read it. i hope it helped you
  4. I'm asking in public chat several times per day to make a party for mastery and i never ever have an answer. Why poeple are ignoring that important mod ? Some supershards aren't an option to reach the endgame... Some of you will tell me that i can solo 80% of this mod. Well i can't, cause i only have one extra hero, plus this mod is not made for a single person i think.. So if you want to join me in this desert mode, feel free to comment with your steam id =D (i'm on PC)
  5. Same for me & my friends, we can't play. And when we finally join a town, we can't join eachother. Please fix it :D
  6. Sorry :D I'm on PC My steam is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198207272556/ (i hope the link is working)
  7. Hello, i'm looking for mates to play with me in onslaught floor 55 and higher and masteries. My steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198207272556/
  8. Reset ? :D How ? What do i earn or lose with this reset ?
  9. My objective is to upgrade gear AND getting skins. And i just can do both (without paying $$$). That's sad. Getting gear > chaos Getting skins > onslaught and chaos is countering onslaught by raising my highest floor change this please its dumb
  10. So i have 2 choices ? 1- I go in chaos to upgrade my gear and get shards fast and i say byebye to the defender packs (cause my onslaught highest floor will be too high cause of chaos and i'll lose a lot of floors) 2- I tryhard my highest onslaught floors to have a little chance to drop defender pack and get some skin. That means it will take a LOOOONG time to upgrade my gear. Right ?
  11. Hello everyone (sorry for my english) I want to be sure about one thing cause 50% ppl say that we can drop defender pack in a lower floor than the current one and 50% ppl say that we can only drop defender pack in our current onslaught floor and nothing else. If we can only drop it at our current floor, it means i cant do any chaos cause chaos increase my highest onslaught floor.. So if my highest floor goes up again and again with chaos, it means that i've lost a lot of defender packs doing those chaos. Is this system totally dumb or am i ignorant ? Thx for your answers
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