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  1. ^ ty nice to know I was under the impression it did affect it. But if Im only goin for the pet def not doin MM.:)
  2. I believe you need to complete 1 full wave before the pet wave. So you would need to start on 18 on Aquanos or 13 on other maps. Also, I've heard that MM doesn't affect pet quality, so it's probably easier for you do it on non mix unless you're stats are so high that it doesn't matter. In my experience MM gives u crap... but ive heard that there is a "potential" to get better than just HC stats/upgrades. I only do HC bc of the potential not sure but i think the rng is bigger w MM enabled(so potential to get worse also).
  3. As always Dredd doin work for the community. Thank you and count me in. :)
  4. I dont see how anyone will drive up the prices unless they are the ones who are bidding. Inflation is stoopid bad right now and this will make it worse one way or the other. I would rather farm it than buy it. However I am for a bank or more mana stored to make it easier to upgrade the new pieces I find.
  5. pong was it and not sure if it was pong/frogger/or joust not gonna say how old that makes me but that was the good stuff there...
  6. dont get me wrong...but couldnt we just loose the cap all together? i mean it seems kinda like creatin work for the dev team when u bypass the whole cap by enabling us (or makin it easier to make tokens). I am for the idea just a suggestion...
  7. 7+ projectiles and also the upgrade is about 110 per on the dmg which is ok even though it is all lightning dmg.
  8. I farmed fairies on gardens around 10 times and gave up. Monsterfests are a go, they tend to reward better stuff. The tavern will occasionally sell them too. Yes I bought a 400mil fairy from the tavern keep after smf and the hero stats were meh to say the least, but the 3.5k heal is nice and I still have like 100^ to go basically my hammer barb is a monster.:)
  9. Dont quote me on this but i think for trans the bonus is better and for supreme obviously better but other than that no other bonusses that i am aware of
  10. Yes and to the dood sayin its like gambling...He has no idea what he is talking about circumventing the tavern lock isnt gambling its hacking so if i wanna lay my tokens or garbage on the ground it should be safe if i lock it PERIOD
  11. It's NOT a gamble though. If you lock your tavern, you should be able to go to bed knowing that everything is A-OK. Finding out that the lock didn't work and you lost everything on the floor isn't the same as willingly going out and gambling. +1^ this
  12. If u have the toon go dps, endgame the bonus isnt worth it if u die (u loose the bonus when u die anyways). As soon as my towers are set I switch, you will notice that you will start to get further this way as well.
  13. Not just moved but if there is a djin/ogres at the walls they take priority over a sharken and most towers cant handle an ogre/djin w/o a trap reseting....I.E. when the trap resets the sharks come through. So no AFK and W the mini map up seek and destroy ogres/djin so the towers can take out the fodder.
  14. auras-auras and more auras, Last time I heard I ranked kinda high in this one...I will post a build. A trick I use in the last round is sell the ground and place more air after the ogres are done spawning. This is my build works fine w 6....I did not name this a friend did (Uber Owned From Below). :) http://ddplanner.com/?l=6805,uber-owned-from-below
  15. Soo what is this event? And where do I find more people to play CTF?
  16. Dude if you're aren't going to play a game you don't have to make a scene and some announcement just don't play xD +1 for this^ And when does credability/relavance become an issue behind the post. I dont know "Urza" but really why make a big fuss? Ive been to the store to browse some things... But if u wanna impact the game and not come off as an "Elitist" maybe post in the suggestion thread. Some of these "issues" are more like a pet peeves as Ive stated before and not really game breakers.
  17. ??? Your title is misleading, it refers to a survival set up and you are talking about campaign stratagies?
  18. Can you read beyond a single sentence? The issue is he's being drawn to what is likely going to be a far more polished game. He would be drawn back if Trendy polished the game more. Yes and most of it is a non issue or at least def not a game breaker. Its an amazing game and to think that these simple wishes, not bug fixes could be done... But it wouldnt matter he would go and play D3 any ways. And sorry to come off brash, have fun w D3 (I have it also doesnt mean that u can only play one or the other) BTW you can polish a turd but no matter what u do its still a turd.
  19. I am taking an extended vacation from Dungeon Defenders. I will still be available to finish auctions and whatnots and I plan to return someday if these issues below are addressed or at least some decent progress is made. Want to start by saying that the moderators and community managers have been great and DD has sucked me in for quite some time. To all my friends and clanmembers I say I am not quitting but u wont see me for a long time in game or on forums. I want to make clear that the number one reason is Diablo 3. That is pulling me away but for me to come back significant progress nee
  20. What makes them good just curious? I.E. do they pierce or just good base and an alternative to the nos?
  21. They stopped after the egg patch... kinda wierd how it works but i havent seen any for a while at least usable ones. :/
  22. hahaha I know where this was going...
  23. Yes I guess it was the one Trex found? But tbh things like these need to be in the patch notes Nah they didnt need to tell us that one of the best things out as of late was gonna get nerfed...er uh "fixed" . Trust me if I would have aquired one of those via trade man Id be mad as hell right about now.
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