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  1. Read the weekly DUN DEF DIGEST its happening soon.:)
  2. You have to disable your speakers and enable (set as default) the jacks for your mic. Via steam settings it takes a while and its not easily done. Once you have the settings correctly though the sound is nice if u want to use your speakers then you have to manually go back and change the settings its not fun but depends on what you want to do. I disabled all sound all together w the exception of my turtle beaches + side is it works down side if I wanna hear any sound at all on anything I have to use my headset. It took a few tries the other place to look is printers and devices. I hoped this
  3. none of these monks title the game as monks only it just titled with there steam name nothing else It happens get over it or yourself. The only way you yourself can prevent 100% from getting kicked is to play non pub games or host...why is there always a surprised person when the topic comes up why kick? or some a-hole kicked me for no reason. I kick for a couple reasons people join not meeting my said req on the title or they are AFK and last just plain bein a douche bag. Who and when I kick is up to me and who and when u join is up to u:)
  4. Meh not w a monk its stoopid high and i have around 2-2.5k stats generally speakin tower and dps. My monk will out dps any thing ingame my chicken hits for 2-mil + i guess then what i mean is pet dmg is high and DPS/towers get some love? Especially the huntress i almost forget that she or he the ranger uses guns they r a joke in nm. Point takin touche:)
  5. This is an Action RPG Tower Defense game... Enough said really. Just statin my opinion not yours and I think the towers should have a lil more relavance that is all, and I do agree w the OP. By realvance I mean have a lil more umph! Ogres w almost 60 mil HP and towers dont need to make it so we can AFK away just a lil stronger thats all.:)
  6. IMO this IS a tower def right??? not a FPS w a monk? It should be more about the towers and a lil less about DPS...this is just my opinion:)
  7. kinda funny question but u selected a character right?
  8. I'm just going to copy and paste so no typing. excellent answer for the question posted 10/10
  9. Yea but not everyone can be trusted even if they are your friends What kinda friends u have? I can trust mine.:) Besides if I cant get it myself almost dont want it.
  10. nope only trade w trusted people and you will be fine no need to worry bout parasites
  11. Yes use the disc for a frisbee bc the game is not that good imo. If not I got my moneys worth by using it for a coaster. That game is the oppisite of this one grind for hours and find nothing...go to AH and buy everything that was 10x better than anything I had found, at an affordable price. The AH ruined it for me.
  12. bacon makes everything better...ever had a bacon maple bar:)
  13. The gear you get for completing Misty should and will get you through Aquanos...completed both and never once completed morrago. For the time spent and coming up w builds and farming for gear if your askin im sayin to do Misty then Aquanos.
  14. Edited I have re-read the patch notes and if understood correctly we have the ability to generate tokens "manually" and no penalty sorry for the confusion.
  15. ^ right but at a penalty if I am readin correctly while the afk shops reap the benefits:( I want my time spent farming not afk shop:)
  16. When might the contest winners map be opened to use in ranked?
  17. Sounds about right I would stay in misty less ground to cover solo, easier/faster to build also. The diff in loot from what ive seen is mainly the skins. You will find noticable upgrades after wave 20 just hang in there and you will be completing in no time.
  18. ^ Id like to think that was the case but the same few just get more tokens to outbid and overpay for stuff the general community cant afford the already overpriced items. Imo not gonna get better. Also is this for AFK shop only or does this count twords the soft cap the whole token thing bc i dont run AFK shops and how would this benefit anyone who doesnt?
  19. ^ will always be the case w multiple projectiles could you imagine a Lemurian halbred w over 50k ranged it would be stoopid OP. That is why they drop the way they do they will almost always have less on range than melee.
  20. Either depending on how it rolls, if u prefer a melee character and it rolls high base then its melee. If it has decent range...
  21. Range IMO but w the right resist and pet doesnt matter ranged=outta harms way the reward for campaign on aquanos/talay if u can do it? Really any boss drop would work. If not a boss drop get a fair amount of upgrades w the right stats and you should be fine to easily beat 22. And my old DPS is a ranged Lemurian Halbred w 20k + 8 projectiles (insane reward BTW if u havin problems aquiring a good weapon)
  22. If you have not signed up yet, there is still time. Didnt know u were hostin also, I messaged u to join me earlier.
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