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  1. Is it too late to sign up? If not SID: Bad jue jue http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053595015/
  2. I think you will enjoy the moba play sytle basically that was the intent on the first one mixed w a loot system. My only concern is I really enjoyed DD for what it is(a very unique RPG), in short the change will be nice but DD wasnt broke it but does need to evolve.
  3. ^ Agreed... also I like the idea of a moba play style for the pvp element it was broken in DD1. With that said mistakes... Please dont soley focus on the moba bring back the classic DD element. I look forward to playin DD2 for the moba and hopefully the classic DD. :squire:
  4. If I am right mana bomb does not scale w the weapon, and it should maybe the cool down trimmed a lil. As for over charge maybe heal or aoe similar to hero boost...not sure how to fix overcharge imo but the app def does need some love.
  5. The 4 parents as unlockable characters. Special bonus stats when equipped with their weapons from secret room in tavern. *crosses fingers* I have all the parents stuff in the secret room...I dunno why I never got rid of the stuff, that would be epic^
  6. Sorry to hear about the loss, I only trade w trusted "friends" if that is the case report to TE or ask for the item back?
  7. If some one drops in tavern while still in there they can pick up only their items...Why didnt u use the trade system?
  8. well i think trans and greater is supposed to stay and not get deleted, greens should work in the same fashion. Seems kinda odd
  9. well w dragon hide dunno if dragon scale is in the picture?
  10. ^looks as one himself breaks the rules Shhh!!!!! that is kinda contradictive isnt it? between the 2 of them one says there is not modding and the other supports evidence of it??? kinda reminds me of a certain discussion that i was involved in:)
  11. Too much bacon? Lol ^this statement is like Jumbo shrimp....just doesnt make sense at all
  12. Nope modded gear is fine by all standards. Have you EVER seen a game on xbox where they let you alter items (mod or modify) them? I hope you can sort the sarcasm from the seriousness. Try lookin in the grouping sec/ A.K.A. Trading and grouping
  13. ^ and that is the rng so it goes both ways... :/ not really worth it to get on average +/-5% bc it averages out...
  14. well it auto sells, so if some joined it gets divided-if you loot obviously there is goin to be less on the ground... kinda grey w the response but unless we get more how can I be more specific?
  15. ^ w that thinking one and done on the runs that would equal no replay value. I dont want stuff handed to me but ive prolly seen bigfoot more than supreme armors.
  16. only room for so much loot on the ground...intended
  17. So I take back everything I said about loot dropping... especially the part about supreme armors, got one yesterday, fish dropped it just outta reach on Aquanos. I think the TE gods are laughing in my face.:(
  18. ^ yes And I believe its called stance dance toggle back and forth between turttle and siphon when the cool down resets switch wont let u down. Also use fast sword w this build. As for the fairy use hammers...Sandstone Sledge would be good i have 2 w almost 70k base, the fairy is 3.5k heal and i never die and hawk evrything also the battle cry actually works w hammers.
  19. Ill be that guy, you have a kid on the way, 18, and home was hit by a tornado??? You are worried about a PS3 I feel sorry for your soon to be spawn :(
  20. Thanks! Interesting idea, I'll play around with it more. :) how succesfull is the build on nm gonna try tonight and thanx for sharing:)
  21. ^ hehe I must be doin something wrong also 800+ hrs=NO SUPREME ARMOR????
  22. if you are talking about the contest, i believe that is A map, not bring the best and balanced ones over.So dont bring the best ones over??? or do more contest? Not following u but my guess would be if it (the contest) is a success that it will happen more often.
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