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  1. Ill buy enough to make u sick of lab, start you off w 10 cubes worth of runs. I work nights list your times availiable.
  2. Sign me up Booster gold http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060489988/ the flying turkey http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069584015/ carebear grouch http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053175429/ Not sure these guys signed up but they will be runnin w me. I am not sure why but my sig doesn't show up when I use my phone and after an edit I will change soon...
  3. I am looking for tower acc that are no longer used, post on here and or pm and lets work out a deal.
  4. I cannot account for if it is original or not. I would like to sell it for cubes or ult armor. Please message me on steam if interested. My account name is Shensley1997. PLease real offers only. Shensley Meaning you traded for it or this is the one from the event you ran for your self? if its the latter might be worth something if not....
  5. yo ill take 2 runs one for me and one for a friend Jemma.
  6. Well guess I was off about Blasters this will be good enough for me to keep wouldn't sell for a couple cubes. Thank your for your input guys(closed pc).
  7. Well If I get really desprate(Probably not cause my first event item and I dont want 40 cubes as my b/o cause its my first ever event I played in so its really a Medal to me Well its your auction but 40 cubes may be the highest you will see for an event that happened last week. Im not sure I wouldn't have jumped on it? As I said though its your item.
  8. get in touch with stillpad hes been asking for one for days hes trading cubes/diamonds if not he may be able to atleast value it properly :) What he is looking for is almost unattainable, after countless runs w afks for more loot, this is the best ive found yet and if I farmed a 140k+blaster not sure I would sell it for a couple diamonds. Thank you for your suggestion. I'm sure if he really wants it he may offer to buy but I'm only after a price check.
  9. Ty and @ rcdm idk if u want but ill be happy to run w u tonight ill be in chat around 11:30 pm pst
  10. I was trying to get in before i was off to work, time was an issue oh well ill see if a host is on crossing fingers.
  11. Well life happens and turns out I have to work till 11:00 pm PST. So I was wondering if a host might be available and also if anyone in a similar situation would care to join me (assuming a host will run me at 11:30)? Thanks ahead of time.
  12. Imo you should auction them off... You are less likely to get lowballed that way.
  13. well its a wolfenstien but if u seriously interested might have my personal which has fire( would be significantly more )any ways screenie... I should have upped cast vrs health on this one but this I also use off hand for lab...
  14. gimme a min I have to go to work, but ill post a pic of what I have.
  15. 5k is pretty normal for a lupine. 3k is minimum imo 5k is max imo... a good lupine imo has +cast rate, proj speed 40k +health, run speed in that order also (for an upgrader u don't wanna kill the creeps but rather drain or soak mana from them I can get a full boat or two of mana from an orc) but its your deal and btw might have one for ya.
  16. myself "theflyingturkey" "Boostergold_NX" will link sids later for the other two mine is in sig. as promised, Booster http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060489988/ Turkey http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069584015/
  17. Type:Boxing gloves Name:ICU/6feet under Color:black and blue Item description:Who needs weapons? Forged by:Bad Jue Jue Size:6 Oz-12 Oz, even better if could make like chi blast (invis) Do something w big knock back, and elemental scale w hero dmg similar to the candle bra one of each element type or maybe similar to djin? This would come in a pair for the barb and mostly be for fun...maybe useable?
  18. I don't know if some one has suggested a set of armor and a four part series to gain the set...Nothing op by the newer standards but usable w supremes and ults in play and maybe each piece has more in one stat than the other...I.E. 500 to tower health etc,etc could be hero could be tower idc and nothing would be really op w ult++ in the pic. Each piece could be forged by one of the mains with the attributes in mind, or could be a refence to voltron when united maybe a good set bonus? Im crossing my fingers in that this is possible or no one has tried this...
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