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  1. As the title states... also I'm on the events list and friends w warped reality/dredd... these are from warped I have an extra one of each of these... At the moment im looking to upgrade builders... and get my builders back to 7k+ will take cv in just about any form and ofc trade for traceable event items. sign up here proof that I did the event ;)  I will let this go for one week all bidding will end on 7-24 roughly around 6 pm pst. Good luck and happy bidding Current offers: lightnings- Atherial: NPC value (what ever they were last listed as) Loves- Dave456 Skelly-60 coal- 20 cubes
  2. i own one, but intend on using another.... all good if I cant enter maybe would be better for someone who don't have yet :P still gotta try tho
  3. Not really was just happy playing a great game enjoying the company and the grind for loot and better gear. I have never really been an achievement hound and I may have the most hrs played w/o all achievements. The grind was fun but the grind got stagnant and w no improvements it was time to move on. TY ddace I'll be on DD2 (maybe sooner than later if some one were to drop a code) ;)
  4. Well its been a real long time since ive played at all and basically was holding out for a patch... or DD2 looks like the later will happen first. Just for the record Jemma will be getting all my event items for safe keeping she is free to do w what ever she wants w them. Peace out DD lookin forward to DD2!
  5. No but if they are asking for ideas on how to patch aka fix problems intending a fix... which I also gave up on being a business they should follow up on that.
  6. Chester Da Jester (DPS) Upgrade Slave (upgrader)
  7. DESPICABLE ME love the minions reference (towers) BAD ***** (dps)
  8. Fixes to the game are still planned. I can't give you a specific release date. As soon as I have more information, I'll tell the whole world from atop a mountain. There's going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs. And we will dance till the sun rises. So no specific release date,(doesn't bother me in the least) but can we at least have some idea on what might be getting fixed idc how long it takes if its right. But if it isn't what the community or I are asking for why bother releasing a date I would most likely hold out for DD2.
  9. This. 1,000 times this. I was so disappointed to see another thread like this while it is still completely unclear why the questions are being asked. I kept reading that other thread waiting for some indication as to it's purpose but that never happened. And now we have another thread that appears it will meet the same fate. I have been waiting for a clear understanding of why the questions are being asked before adding my 2 cents. Don't hold your breath anyone.... This is a very good point. I would think that maybe a straw poll to narrow it down to some of the things that have been
  10. Scale loot and old maps, to make them playable again or worth playing again. If some one can complete the game w less than 2k stats, a new difficulty needs to be added w 8k stats possible.
  11. I suggested Quite a while back the ability to customize items. I would really love to see the ability to custom color things no need to mess with stats just colors through say tavern keep. Miller time made me some epically sweet green Gladius on open. as well as re coloring some other items. I would love to max out my Green ness on ranked LOL! as mentioned before buffing rewards quality for old challenges would be great. or even mix in powered up versions in the rewards pool for high end areas like Tinks. Perfect example The Unicorn is awesome but limiting it to 100ish ups mythic
  12. Couldn't help but highlight this point. Well said, Arti! I would certainly love rewards Pets and Weapons from E-Shards & other old Maps getting some buff so they are viable. There is much variety in terms of loadout but the terrible damage scaling of 90% weapons & pets makes them useless, unless they have tower stats. Right now every game has everyone going as a Jester and using the Rainmaker or Blaster Rifle, not that I have anything against those weapons, but the games are dull as hell. Also having other weapons & pets, even generic weapons/pets do competitive damage to
  13. Thanks to all event host current and past for helping make DD an epic game, thanks to T.E. for supporting them with event items and helping make a really Top tier game! (I just hope notes are taken for DD2) Looking forward to DD 2. :p
  14. SID: Badjuejue SID link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053595015/ BTW Thank you to all the hosts who have helped make this community, and help make this game fun, thank you T.E. for takin time out to support the community w the event items. ( I hope this same model will happen for DD2)
  15. Im in... Idk my profile from my phone if still unlocked ill add sid
  16. Thanks for your input. As DDace said, you can level to a 100 and that gives you a significant boost. Also, you are welcome to borrow gear from a host when on open. We are using the forge signup. Ty eagle I wasn't sure and didn't see anything to let me know how to sign up on this one. might dl and try today.
  17. -_- did I miss the sign up? I don't even see it on the "events" tab?
  18. I have been in the process of moving and just got back to the 21 rst century (Internet). I signed myself/ friends up, due to a lack of Internet was unable to play. I was wondering if a chance of obtaining said items? Thanks Eagle/event Team in advance thanks EAGLE ive received the items
  19. sign me up sid:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053595015/
  20. yeah totaly agree with you but still i was able to kill old one without much of a problem. not sure if i would consider this lowball since the charge is obviously damaging value. But please refrain from lowballing since i've heard from alot of people that you always do this on their auctions. Thought you would respect a lowball offer, after all its not ok for others to pull? 1 cube and a bill... .l.
  21. i'm the one who gave them out. the event team and i numbered 15 and i'm friends with 5 or 6 people whom i gave them too. so yes i have a trace for all of those. i still have 3 of them personally. viralchaos should still have all the ones not givin out out of the 50 made on his extra account where the extra event items were stored. we used to hold public givaways so that anyone joining the game of someone asking for help would land in our game and get some free items then told about our events. WoW almost like an old ghost walked in lookin forward to runnin w ya again in the near future me
  22. More than 200 I would definatly say if they are infact legit you could name your price 300+ and would reccomend asking for what ever you want (value those items in cube worth).
  23. Bump, These guys are "certain"ly not nubs like some others who might be sellin runs. I would recommend soikura easy and painless. Thank you for my run and Jemmas run as well good job!
  24. Well I have yet to get a response from the other guy ill take 160 runs. Please add me and list when u availiable
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