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  1. 13 hours ago, Spunt said:
    13 hours ago, The Ich said:

    This will certainly be received pretty badly by a lot of players, especially since there was no announcement and we even had a long discussion thread about this topic in the Early Access forums with an offical reply, stating there are no plans of a reset:

    Yeah, technically he did not lie but let's be honest, "play" and "legacy" are really looking like the equivalent to DD1's "ranked" and "open" (legacy will support mods, but you can only play with other legacy players and I would not be surprised, if they will add an option to export your "play" progress to "legacy" but not vise-verse) and that being the case, we are basically getting forced "highly encouraged" to start anew...

    Personally I do not totally mind a fresh start, even though I farmed quite a lot. But I certainly would not had played that much, if I knew a "soft" reset would be imminent. The worst thing is not even the loss of gear, because with the introduction of massacre it would have become irrelevant anyway, but the immense amount of time it took to farm the necessary gold to upgrade it and now the XP again to reach that point. I really hope that they buffed the gold income / or it is at least better in massacre.

    And I can definitely understand everyone here, who is really upset about this decision. And I am also really disappointed, that I have to grind up again instead of trying out massacre today...

    this^ right here.... curve ball thrown by the devs. one way or another someone knew, and let us find out for ourselves. worst part is we are the ones who backed the game that are upset.... 

    I am not even mad or upset that I have to start over, its more the fact that we were misled to start over. Because lets face it who is going to play legacy? Low blow @crhomatic

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  2. @Inferno.0b quote:

    Sorry for the late reply, I've been back at university now so haven't had much time.

    I value both non-caps and single cap diamonds at 0cv, since I am looking for them to use (hence I'd like double caps) :)

    So Michili is still in the lead with a 10cv bid.


    Eh? my cubes aren't good enough lol? I bid 12 

  3. ok here is the deal... everything is froze and im getting way less than what is being offered here.

    Atherial- lightning

    Dave- loves

    Mkjo- lightning

    and mamba-lightning

    that leaves me w one pair of each for myself I wont disclose what I am getting from each less the bids posted... I don't want this to be a mess and only want to stay good on my word. With that said im taking this in the shorts but hope every one is happy with this decision and their bids.

  4. @djrandyran quote:

    Alright, so I've compiled an album of things that I feel would be of value. If there are things specifically you're interested in let me know. i do have more ULT capping armor too, this was just the top of what I have to offer. Let me know what you think and value this at if anything.

    Edit...would help if I put the link, here it is



    So im unclear as to what the offer is for which bracer first, second all of it is on the table? Lastly I have been out of the loop on trading armor and the values of it maybe a third party can explain? ( also willing to let you value the armor yourself )

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