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  1. Wondering if all maps... i.e. like ALL MAPS as in medium deeper well have to be checked off?
  2. All trophies less the legendary are showing in my tavern 🤞 hope this gets fixed.
  3. Still don't have "legendary defender" if thats a thing? Not sure if the big trophy bugged or if I am missing something? 73/73 1000 score?!?!?! 😭😭😭😭 Someone help or explain
  4. Looking to see how to get the "legendary trophy" unlocked afaik its 73 total
  5. I can do summit solo relatively easy, fused gas,ensares, DST. Willing to share the build its in the editor (not my build)... I need help w throne room 🥴. Can add me GT: mercu1es
  6. Nvm found the issue have to click the link tab for "builds" was coming up page not found. Idk how to delete post.
  7. Is there an update, just says page not found.
  8. I need help w challenges and mass throne room survival! Hmu if you are able to help w challenges Gt: mercu1es
  9. this^ right here.... curve ball thrown by the devs. one way or another someone knew, and let us find out for ourselves. worst part is we are the ones who backed the game that are upset.... I am not even mad or upset that I have to start over, its more the fact that we were misled to start over. Because lets face it who is going to play legacy? Low blow @crhomatic
  10. Sadly I just ended it Too bad, I’ll put an offer to buy from said winner for 20 cubes
  11. well then maybe we can work together to get them pretty sure I have the dlc and we can do this most builders are 6k
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