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  1. this^ right here.... curve ball thrown by the devs. one way or another someone knew, and let us find out for ourselves. worst part is we are the ones who backed the game that are upset.... I am not even mad or upset that I have to start over, its more the fact that we were misled to start over. Because lets face it who is going to play legacy? Low blow @crhomatic
  2. Sadly I just ended it Too bad, I’ll put an offer to buy from said winner for 20 cubes
  3. well then maybe we can work together to get them pretty sure I have the dlc and we can do this most builders are 6k
  4. I need a bunch of the boring stuff to get the tav keep... some of which include 4 players on all pre shards maps and some of the boring stuff along those lines if you wanna help and or do some to help yourself message me id like to knock these out I only have 23 left to get the tav keep :D
  5. i also need help and will put up some kind of payment for helping us complete this
  6. Eh? my cubes aren't good enough lol? I bid 12 
  7. wish I knew someone who had those armguards ;)
  8. please post a pic or link of your fairy have mana, coal, cubes to offer. Id like this to end 1-18-18 pm if you prefer to ty
  9. i might be interested, are any of them double capped towers?
  10. 12 cv... edited bid pretty sure I underbid unsure of single cap diamonds looks like they are 5cv?
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